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Self and Identity

Self and Identity

Four Volume Set
Edited by:

November 2011 | 1 648 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Although the study of the 'Self' has been a major theme throughout the history of psychology, it has really come in its own during the last half century. Because the nature of human selfhood remains both fascinating and elusive, many different approaches and contributions have been scattered through the journals over the years. This four-volume collection brings together a diverse assortment of the most important contributions in this area.

The collection includes classic, groundbreaking articles and recent, cutting-edge advances in articles that range from original, empirical investigations to conceptual pieces that build theory based on integrative reviews of the research literature.

The intention is to provide a broad resource that can be used by both beginners and experts worldwide who wish to have strong, useful access to the classic contributions to this area of study in one place. The field of 'Self' is particularly difficult to gain entry to, particularly because it has such a rich and varied history. The two editors are both well versed in the study of 'Self' and thus well qualified to provide a map of articles that have lasting importance and influence.

Volume One: Sef-Concept and Self-Esteem

Volume Two: The Agentic Self

Volume Three: The Interpersonal Self

Volume Four: Aspects of the Self: Applications and Extensions

Jennifer Campbell
Self-Esteem and Clarity of the Self-Concept
Jennifer Crocker and Connie Wolfe
Contingencies of Self-Worth
E. Tory Higgins
A Theory Relating Self and Affect

William James
The Consciousness of Self
Dan McAdams
Personality, Modernity and the Storied Self
A Contemporary Framework for Studying Persons

Julie Neiworth
Thinking about Me
How Social Awareness Evolved

Timothy Rogers, Nicholas Kuiper and William Kirker
Self-Reference and the Encoding of Personal Information
Constantine Sedikides and John Skowronski
The Symbolic Self in Evolutionary Context
Constantine Sedikides and Michael Strube
The Multiply-Motivated Self
J. Sidney Shrauger and Thomas Schoeneman
Symbolic Interactionist View of Self-Concept
Through the Looking Glass Darkly

Paul Silvia and T. Shelley Duval
Objective Self-Awareness Theory
Recent Progress and Enduring Problems

Shelley Taylor and Jonathan Brown
Illusion and Well-Being
A Social-Psychological Perspective on Mental Health

Ralph Turner
The Real Self
From Institution to Impulse

Albert Bandura
Human Agency in Social-Cognitive Theory
Roy Baumeister, Kathleen Tice and Dianne Tice
The Strength Model of Self-Control
Roy Baumeister, Laura Smart and Joseph Boden
Relation of Threatened Egotism to Violence and Aggression
The Dark Side of High Self-Esteem

Hart Blanton and Charlene Christie
Deviance Regulation
A Theory of Action and Identity

Charles Carver and Michael Scheier
Origins and Functions of Positive and Negative Affect
A Control-Process View

Geoffrey Cohen and Julio Garcia
Identity, Belonging and Achievement
A Model, Interventions, Implications

Edward Deci and Richard Ryan
The 'What' and 'Why' of Goal Pursuits
Human Needs and the Self-Determination of Behavior

Edward Jones and Steven Berglas
Control of Attributions about the Self through Self-Handicapping Strategies
The Appeal of Alcohol and the Role of Underachievement

Shinobu Kitayama et al
Is There Any 'Free' Choice? Self and Dissonance in Two Cultures
Kristian Ove Myrseth and Ayelet Fishbach
A Function of Knowing When and How to Exercise Restraint

Laird Rawsthorne and Andrew Elliot
Achievement Goals and Intrinsic Motivation
A Meta-Analytic Review

Michael Ross and Anne Wilson
Autobiographical Memory and Conceptions of Self
Getting Better All the Time

S. Christian Wheeler, Kenneth DeMarree and Richard Petty
Understanding the Role of the Self in Prime-to-Behavior Effects
The Active-Self Account

Christopher Aberson, Michael Healy and Victoria Romero
In-Group Bias and Self-Esteem
A Meta-Analysis

Marilynn Brewer
The Social Self
On Being the Same and Different at the Same Time

Robert Cialdini et al
Basking in Reflected Glory
Three (Football) Field Studies

Gráinne Fitzsimons and Eli Finkel
Interpersonal Influences on Self-Regulation
Michael Hogg
A Social Identity Theory of Leadership
Matthew Hornsey and Jolanda Jetten
The Individual within the Group
Balancing the Need to Belong with the Need to Be Different

Mark Leary et al
Self-Esteem as an Interpersonal Monitor
The Sociometer Hypothesis

Hazel Markus and Shinobu Kitayama
Culture and the Self
Implications for Cognition, Emotion and Motivation

Debra Mashek and Maria Boncimino
Confusions of Self with Close Others
Brett Pelham, Mauricio Carvallo and John Jones
Implicit Egotism
Caryl Rusbult, Eli Finkel and Madoka Kumashiro
The Michelangelo Phenomenon
Jerry Suls, René Martin and Ladd Wheeler
Social Comparison
Why, with Whom and with What Effect?

Albert Bandura
Moral Disengagement in the Perpetration of Inhumanities
Roy Baumeister
How the Self Became a Problem
A Psychological Review of Historical Research

Barbara Fredrickson et al
That Swimsuit Becomes You
Sex Differences in Self-Objectification, Restrained Eating and Math Performance

Jaime Goldenberg et al
Death, Sex, Love and Neuroticism
Why Is Sex Such a Problem?

Phillip Hammack
Narrative and the Cultural Psychology of Identity
Todd Heatherton, C. Neil Macrae and William Kelley
What the Social Brain Sciences Can Tell Us about the Self
Sara Heimpel et al
Do People with Low Self-Esteem Really Want to Feel Better? Self-Esteem Differences in Motivation to Repair Negative Moods
Jay Hull
A Self-Awareness Model of the Causes and Effects of Alcohol Consumption
Carol Miller and Kathryn Downey
A Meta-Analysis of Heavyweight and Self-Esteem
Benoît Monin and Dale Miller
Moral Credentials and the Expression of Prejudice
Sonia Roccas and Marilynn Brewer
Social Identity Complexity
Robert Sellers et al
Multidimensional Model of Racial Identity
A Reconceptualization of African American Racial Identity

David Sherman and Geoffrey Cohen
Accepting Threatening Information
Self-Affirmation and the Reduction of Defensive Biases

Abraham Tesser
On the Plasticity of Self-Defense
Kathleen Vohs, Nicole Mead and Miranda Goode
The Psychological Consequences of Money

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