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Settings for Health Promotion

Settings for Health Promotion
Linking Theory and Practice

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February 2000 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book is the first full-length in-depth treatment of settings as a focal point for planning, organizing and implementing health promotion. The concept of `setting' is fundamental to theory and practice in health promotion. Internationally renowned authors describe the state of the art in the theory and practice of health promotion in settings such as the home, school, workplace, community, and the state and offer insightful commentaries on each others work.
Lawrence W Green, Irving Rootman and Blake D Poland
The Settings Approach to Health Promotion
Hassan Soubh and Louise Potvin
Home and Families as Health Promotion Settings
Lawrence Fisher
Ilze Kalnins
Guy Parcel, Steven Kelder and Karen Basen-Enquist
The School as a Setting for Health Promotion
Cheryl Perry
Peter McLaren, Zeus Leonardo, Xochitl Perez
Michael Polanyi et al
Promoting the Determinates of Good Health in the Workplace
Robert Bertera
Joan Eakin
Joy Johnson
The Health Care Institutions as Settings for Health Promotion
Jane Lethbridge
Patricia Mullen and L Kay Bartholomew
Vivek Goel and Warren McIsaac
Health Promotion in Clinical Practice
David Butler-Jones
Jane Zapka
Marie Boutilier, Shelley Cleverly and Ronald Labonte
Community as a Setting for Health Promotion
John Raeburn
Evelyn deLeeuw
John Lavis and Terrence Sullivan
The State as a Setting
Marshal Kreuter
Blake D Poland, Lawrence W Green and Irving Rootman
Reflections on Settings for Health Promotion

"This comprehensive publication balances theory with practical examples and suggestions for the student, the professional and the policy-maker who are interested in promoting the health of populations… The inclusion of commentary with the essays is a brilliant innovation that encourages the reader to think critically about the topic"

Canadian Journal of Public Health

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