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Shared Leadership

Shared Leadership
Reframing the Hows and Whys of Leadership

  • Craig L Pearce - Penn State University, School of Labor and Employment Relations, USA, University of South Alabama, USA, Claremont Graduate University, USA
  • Jay A. Conger - University of Southern California, USA

March 2003 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Shared Leadership brings together the foremost thinkers on the subject and is the first book of its kind to address the conceptual, methodological, and practical issues for shared leadership. It advances the understanding of the shared leadership phenomenon: its dynamics, moderators, appropriate settings, facilitating factors, contingencies, measurement, practice implications, and directions for the future. This book provides a realistic and practical discussion of the benefits, as well as the risks and problems, associated with shared leadership. It is an essential text for management, education, and communication courses in leadership, teamwork, organizational behaviour and small groups. Practising consultants will find this an invaluable reference in their leadership and team development programmes.
Craig L. Pearce and Jay A. Conger
Chapter 1 Introduction - All Those Years Ago: The Historical Underpinnings of Shared Leadership
Joyce K. Fletcher and Katrin Kaeufer
Chapter 2 Shared Leadership: Paradox and Possibility
Jonathan F. Cox, Craig L. Pearce, and Monica L. Perry
Chapter 3 Toward a Model of Shared Leadership and Distributed Influence in the Innovation Process: How Shared Leadership can Enhance New Product Development Team Dynamics and Effectiveness
Anson Seers, Tiffany Keller, and James M. Wilkerson
Chapter 4 Can Team Members Share Leadership? Foundations in Research and Theory
C. Shawn Burke, Stephen M. Fiore, and Eduardo Salas
Chapter 5 The Role of Shared Cognition in Enabling Shared Leadership and Team Adaptiability
Jeffrey D. Houghton, Christopher P. Neck, and Charles C. Manz
Chapter 6 Self-leadership and Superleadership: The Heart and Art of Creating Shared Leadership in Teams
Bruce J. Avolio, Nagaraj Sivasubramaniam, William D. Murry, Dongil Jung, and John W. Garger
Chapter 7 Assessing Shared Leadership: Development and Preliminary Validation of a Team Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire
Scott Seibert, Raymond T. Sparrowe, and Robert C. Liden
Chapter 8 A Group Exchange Structure Approach to Leadership in Groups
Margarita Mayo, James R. Meindl, and Juan-Carlos Pastor
Chapter 9 Shared Leadership in Work Teams: A Social Network Approach
Charles Hooker and Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi
Chapter 10 Flow, Creativity, and Shared Leadership: Rethinking the Motivation and Structuring of Knowledge Work
Boas Shamir and Yael Lapidot
Chapter 11 Shared Leadership in the Management of Group Boundries: A Study of Expulsions From Officer's Training Courses
James O'Toole, Jay Galbraith, and Edward E. Lawler, III
Chapter 12 When Two (or More) Heads are Better Than One: The Promise and Pitfalls of Shared Leadership
Edwin A. Locke
Chapter 13 Leadership, Starting at the Top
Craig L. Pearce and Jay A. Conger
Chapter 14 Conclusion - A Research Agenda for Shared Leadership

"How leadership is shared in teams and organizations is an important subject, but one that has received little attention in most of the leadership literature. This timely book provides a rich and varied perspective on the subject. The highly qualified collection of scholars provide a good theoretical foundation to guide the future study of shared leadership."

Gary Yukl
State University of New York, Albany

"Shared Leadership offers a much-needed shift in our thinking about how leadership happens in teams and organizations. Pearce and Conger have brought together a diverse group of authors who collectively offer a comprehensive view of developing, implementing, and studying shared leadership in organizations. This volume is sure to fulfill its goal of "jump-starting" our knowledge of the shared leadership phenomenon."

Cynthia D. McCauley, Ph.D.
Vice President, Leadership Development, Center for Creative Leadership

"The time is as ripe as ever for a new paradigm of leadership that the authors simply call 'shared leadership.' This timely volume effectively 'jumpstarts' our knowledge of this emerging field by presenting a number of critical perspectives examining shared leadership using conceptual, empirical, and applied lenses."

Joe Raelin
Northeastern University

"This volume redefines the essence of leadership. Pearce and Conger have assembled a cast of 'scholar-entrepreneurs' whose pioneering work firmly establishes the theoretical foundations for the study of leadership now and well into the future. This book is a must read for anyone interested in leadership in the age of teamwork."

Henry P. Sims
University of Maryland

"An essential reference work for any researcher or scholar who wants to understand, study, or facilitate collective approaches to productivity and performance in groups and organizations"

Donelson Forsyth
Virginia Commonwealth University

"Shared Leadership: Reframing the Hows and Whys of Leadership is rich in ideas that might help health care's highly interdependnet managers and caregivers work together more effectively in today's high-stress health care environment."

Martin D. Merry, M.D.

"Shared Leadership is a comprehensive, systematic and well-knitted collection of articles on a new dimension of leadership- shared or team leadership, with a well-thought out scheme of presentation of theory, research, practice and critique."

S. Bhargava
Response Books

A most thorough and chronological analysis and evaluation of shared leadership that will be adopted for predominantly postgraduate students due to this texts academic style. Shared Leadership appears to have been written ahead of it's time whereby Pearce and Conger have positioned the theory and application of shared leadership in very current an empirical context, for example, where environmental drivers as well as generational differences are changing the way we perceive and execute leadership, in a changing business, and therefore social, context.

Mr Andrew Clark
Faculty of Business and Law, Sunderland University
December 10, 2021

This book is an informative and stimulating contribution to the literature on shared leadership.

Dr Dimitrios Spyridonidis
Accounting , Warwick Business School
June 8, 2016

Good book and good information. Decided to take a different approach in the course.

Douglas Lindsay
Behavioral Sci Leadership Dept, US Air Force Academy
August 16, 2013

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