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Skills for Helping Professionals

Skills for Helping Professionals

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March 2016 | 392 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Written specifically for non-clinical undergraduate students, but also relevant to graduate studies in helping professions, Skills for Helping Professionals, by Anne M. Geroski focuses on helping students develop the skills they need to effectively initiate and maintain helping relationships. After exploring the literature identifying critical components of helping relationships and briefly reviewing developmental and helping theories, the text covers such topics as the helping process, self-awareness, and ethics in helping, and then focuses on specific helping skills such as listening and hearing, empathy, reflecting, paraphrasing, questioning, clarifying, exploring, and offering feedback, encouragement, and psycho-education. The final chapters focus on individuals in crisis and helping in groups.
Chapter 1: Helping Processes
Helping Terms: Helping, Counseling, Psychotherapy, Therapy, & Advocacy  
Helping Relationships  
What we Know about Being Helpful  
Chapter 2: Understanding Development: Theories, Social Context, and Neuroscience
The Purpose of a Theory  
Theories of Development  
Cultural and Social Factors in Development  
Contributions from Neuroscience  
Chapter 3: Helping Theories for Working with Others
Case Studies  
Theories of Helping  
Psychodynamic Approaches to Helping  
Ethological Approaches to Helping  
Humanistic Approaches to Helping  
Behavioral and Learning Approaches to Helping  
Contemporary Approaches to Helping  
Chapter 4: Ethical Principles for Helping Relationships
Ethics and Professional Practice  
Moral Principles for Helpers  
Key Ethical Concepts for Helping Professionals  
Ethical Decision-Making  
Chapter 5: Self-Awareness, Cultural Awareness, and Helper Competence
Helper Self-Awareness  
Personalization Issues, Vicarious Trauma and Burnout  
Emotional Self-Regulation  
Assumptions, Values and Beliefs  
Cultural Competence  
Chapter 6: Setting the Stage for Helping
Getting Started  
The Helping “Contract”  
Determining the Helpee’s Investment in Change  
Goal Setting  
Action Plans & Expectations  
Helper Positioning  
Chapter 7: Listening and Basic Responding Skills in Helping Conversations
Listening and Basic Responding Skills  
The Purpose of Reflections and Paraphrases  
Broaching Conversations  
Chapter 8: Skills for Promoting Change
Decision-Making and Problem Solving  
Deconstructing Conversations  
Motivating Change  
Chapter 9: Helping People in Crisis
Natural or Human-Made Disasters or Crises  
Crisis Response Strategies for Helpers  
Harm to Self or Other  
Harm to Self  
Harm to Others  
Chapter 10: Helping in Groups
Group Types  
Basic Concepts in Group Work  
Theories and Models of Group Work  
Group Leader Principles  
Intervention Skills and Group Stage  


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Skills for Helping Professionals is an important addition to the material for teaching helper skills. The inclusion of current theories and issues in helper education is a major contribution to this important area of study.”

Barbara J. Crowe
Arizona State University

“This is one of the most comprehensive books written to date to address helping skills. The table, case illustrations, and other materials enhances the students’ conceptualization of the materials discussed in each chapter.”

Deanna Henderson
Alabama State University

“This text refreshingly presents both linear and non-linear developmental theories and it smoothly navigates the wide range of helping skills for “front-line, non-clinical helpers”, counselors and importantly--advocacy skills.  The text definitely moves helping skills further into the 21st century.”

Judith Kuppersmith
The College of Staten Island, CUNY

“This text provides an outstanding connection between theory and practice, which bridges the gap between skill and application for both graduate and undergraduate students.”

Mary-Anne Joseph
Alabama State University

"Skills for Helping Professionals" is a clear and concise approach to undergraduate helping skills. I appreciate that the book can be used to survey different issues related to helping relationships, which will provide a useful framework and approach for our Counseling Center Paraprofessional students, who provide outreach services for the Counseling Center. A little stronger Multicultural Focus would he helpful in future editions.

Mr Jeffrey Graham
Psychology Dept, Univ Of Illinois-Urbana Champ
November 3, 2016

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