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Social Cognition and Migration Politics

Social Cognition and Migration Politics

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February 2022 | 238 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

New intellectual approaches—ideas crossing disciplinary borders—can inform our understanding of people crossing borders—migration-based social diversity—and the design of public policies in diverse societies. This volume of The ANNALS focuses on the benefits of developing transdisciplinary research designs to collect data from international migrants and hosts, while stressing that it would be beneficial to consider broader, more representative samples’ social cognitive processes.

This volume is based on a workshop series that gathered more than seventy scholars from all around the world over the course of three years. Trained in various academic fields, including economics, computer sciences, political science, and social psychology, the presenters and discussants all contributed to sharpening our approach to the cognition and migration nexus. The final selection of articles included in this volume draws on methods ranging from ethnographic fieldwork, in airports or courtrooms, to survey experiments with nationally representative samples.

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Ilka Vari-Lavoisier and Susan T. Fiske
Making Sense of One Another in Crossing Borders: Social Cognition and Migration Politics
Mathias Czaika, Jakub Bijak, Toby Prike
Migration Decision-Making and Its Key Dimensions
Yossi Harpaz
Conspicuous Mobility: The Status Dimensions of the Global Passport Hierarchy
Danying Li, Miguel R. Ramos, Matthew R. Bennett, Douglas S. Massey, and Miles Hewstone
Does Increasing Immigration Affect Ethnic Minority Groups?
Sébastien Michiels, Christophe J. Nordman, and Suneha Seetahul
Many Rivers to Cross: Social Identity, Cognition and Labor Mobility in Rural India
Isabel Ruiz and Carlos Vargas-Silva
The Anxiety of Political Uncertainty: Insights from the Brexit Vote
Ilka Vari-Lavoisier
Forecasting under Uncertainty: How Network Composition Shapes Future-Oriented Cognition
Alberto Alesina, Johann Harnoss, and Hillel Rapoport
Immigration and The Future of The Welfare State in Europe
Victoria M. Esses, Alina Sutter, Joanie Bouchard, Kate H. Choi, and Patrick Denice
North American Attitudes toward Immigrants and Immigration in the Time of COVID-19: The Role of National Attachment and Threat
Maria Abascal, Tiffany J. Huang, and Van C. Tran
Intervening in Anti-Immigrant Sentiments: The Causal Effects of Factual Information on Attitudes toward Immigration
Kim Knipprath, Maurice Crul, Ismintha Waldring, and Xuechunzi Bai
Urban Space and Social Cognition: The Effect of Urban Space on Intergroup Perceptions
Jacqueline Broadhead
How an Interdisciplinary Approach to Narrative Can Support Policymaking on Migration and Integration at the City Level
Lena Rose and Zoe Given-Wilson
“What is Truth?” Negotiating Christian Convert Asylum Seekers’ Credibility

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