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Social Control and Political Order

Social Control and Political Order
European Perspectives at the End of the Century

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January 1997 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This vibrant collection of essays offers a profound and timely assessment of issues surrounding the concept of social control, and indicates its significance for the new political orders developing in contemporary Europe.

The contributors debate the issues relating to the future of social control from a range of perspectives. They outline its history and politics in both the Anglo-American sociology and the Hispanic world; they discuss the weaknesses of the concept, and assess its relevance for contemporary Europe.

Colin Sumner
Social Control
The History and Politics of a Central Concept in Anglo-American Sociology

Roberto Bergalli
The New Order in Spain and an Hispanic Perspective on the History and Meaning of Social Control
Dario Melossi
State and Social Control [ac]a la fin de si[gr]ecle
From the New World to the Constitution of the New Europe

Massimo Pavarini
Controlling Social Panic
Questions and Answers about Security in Italy at the End of the Millennium

Sebastian Scheerer and Henner Hess
Social Control
A Defence and Reformulation

Colin Sumner
The Decline of Social Control and the Rise of Vocabularies of Struggle
Roberto Bergalli
Unsolved Mysteries and Unforeseen Futures of Social Control

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