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Social Economy of Development in India

Social Economy of Development in India

First Edition
  • K. S. Chalam - Chairman, Institute for Economic and Social Justice, Visakhapatnam

November 2016 | 412 pages | SAGE India

A comprehensive analysis of the dynamics of social economy in a traditionally fragmented Indian society

Drawing from the works of several eminent economists, this book elaborates on an alternative paradigm of development in the global context. It advocates reforms in social indicators and also bureaucracy, politics, business and contractor groups to enable their empowerment.

Further, the book interrogates liberal economic policies and their consequences in various fields such as inequalities in human development, social tensions, marginalisation of agriculture, language and culture in the Indian caste-based society.

Comprehensive in analysis, it looks at political processes in India through the oligarchy of castes and examines the structure of inequality that still persists. 

Concept of Social Economy: Past and Present
Economic Liberalisation and Social Development
Social Consequences of Economic Policies
Marginalisation of Agriculture Sector
Social Implications of Political Process
Caste Prejudices and Human Dignity
Language, Culture and Social Inequalities
Alternative Paradigms

[The author] dissects liberalization and its impact on India’s social and economic landscape in his recent book. The book is comprehensive in the range of sector it analyses – the marginalization of agriculture, the impact of liberalization on politics, caste culture, social inequality and so on.

Civil Society, May 2017

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