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Social Marketing in the 21st Century

Social Marketing in the 21st Century

February 2006 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This text is well-grounded in scholarship, synthesizes a number of streams of thought, and then proposes thought-provoking applications for an existing approach to social and behavioral change through social marketing. It could be used with a number of courses and disciplines. The level of detail, use of various sources and the variety of examples make it appropriate for graduate level studies. It can also serve the social marketing or behavior change practitioner who wishes to enhance or expand his or her field of practice to include "upstream" approaches.

- Written by a highly regarded academic in the Social Marketing community.

- Encourages Social Marketers to think beyond the "downstream" market of individuals whose behavior they are trying to influence to include the "upstream" market of individuals whose participation is needed to make changes.

- Utilizes and synthesizes a number of different strands of scholarship (the evolution of social problems, the science of framing, the process of social change, social marketing history and elements, etc.)

I. Introduction
Chapter 1: Social Change, Social Problems and 21st Century Social Marketing
Chapter 2: Creating and Framing the Agenda
II. Social Problems and the Role of Social Marketing
Chapter 3: The Structure of Social Problems
Chapter 4: The Role of Social Marketing
Chapter 5: Setting Priorities with Social Marketing
III. Upstream Applications
Chapter 6: Beyond Downstream Interventions: Influencing Communities
Chapter 7: Structural Change: Influencing Law Makers and Regulators
Chapter 8: Structural Change: Recruiting Business Allies
Chapter 9: Recruiting Allies in the Media and Health-Care Communities
IV. Conclusions
Chapter 10: Repositioning Social Marketing for the 21st Century

“Andreasen’s book finally bridges upstream and downstream approaches to social change and takes a “both-and” approach rather than either-or...The variety of examples throughout the book makes the text come alive…  It is a richly referenced book that is clear and presents some complex concepts in an easy to understand way… I would absolutely consider adopting this text!”

Mike Newton-Ward
North Carolina Division of Public Health

“Andreasen makes an inspiring case for taking the traditional social marketing model to new markets in order to influence more rapid and sustainable social change, as well as to ensure a longer life cycle for the social marketing brand…  I am certain I will use it as material for a course and for seminars.”

Nancy Lee, MBA
President, Social Marketing Services, Inc. and Adjunct Faculty, University of Washington and Seattle University

"This succinct volume provides a well-written explanation of social marketing and its application to social problems, the role of agenda setting and framing in interpreting social data, and three simple models for influencing behavior change. Academicians in disciplines related to behavioral therapy, communication, health care, marketing, and social change as well as practitioners in social marketing, public relations and counseling will find this book interesting reading and a valuable, heuristic resource."

J. L. Allen
University of New Haven

An excellent text that helped students to conceptualise the purpose, efficacy and imperative structures of social marketing. This was invaluable in consolidating a wide range of abstract approaches to social marketing and will be of use to students across a number of undergraduate modules.

Mr Scott Ellis
School of Health and Bioscience, University of East London
July 3, 2013

The UCLA office is supposed to be mailing this back to you. Although there was a lot to like about the book, it didn't cover the basics in enough detail, which is what I need for my course. It was for a more advanced student.

Dr Susan Kirby
School Of Public Health, University of California at Los Angeles
May 22, 2012

Great book ¡¡¡ Excellent value. Why? scholarship & academic perspective.

All the other books i have read about this topic, superficial.


Professor Joaquin Carrillo
Marketing , Universidad de Colima
July 5, 2010

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