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Social Research Methods

Social Research Methods
Sociology in Action

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March 2022 | SAGE Publications, Inc
Sociology in Action: Social Research Methods is the fourth title in SAGE's "Sociology in Action" series of texts. Like the others, it combines all the foundational content needed for the course with a rich and diverse set of assignable learning activities fully integrated into the text. The embedded activities, along with the accompanying Activity Guide, gives instructors all the tools they need to design a introduction to social research methods course that involves less reading of narrative text and more discussion, application, independent investigation, and reflection.  "Sociology in Action" in the title reflects both to the text's unique pedagogical framework as well as its goal of bridging the gap between academic research and the larger social world. Each chapter is written by a contributor who combines expertise in the subject matter, a passion for active learning, and a commitment to practicing public sociology. After guiding students through the process of conducting research and a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods, the text concludes with two unique chapters that focus on how social researchers interact with their surrounding communities and help bring about social change and social justice.
Kristin Kenneavy
Chapter 1. Making the Case for Sociological Knowledge
Mellisa Holtzman
Chapter 2. Posing Questions, Crafting Explanations, and Communicating Results
Emily McKendry-Smith, Anne Kristen Hunter
Chapter 3. Characterizing the Dimensions of Social Research
Steve Gunkel
Chapter 4. Contemplating the Ethical Dilemmas of Social Research
Jennifer A. Strangfeld
Chapter 5. Selecting Observations
Kimberly Tauches
Chapter 6. Authenticating Concepts and Measures
R. Saylor Breckenridge
Chapter 7. Causality and the Role of Experimental Designs
William Scarborough
Chapter 8. Surveying the Social Landscape
Kathleen (Casey) Oberlin
Chapter 9. Watching, Talking and Listening
Edward L. Kain
Chapter 10. Collecting What’s Already There: Content Analysis and some Related Methods
Maura Kelly
Chapter 11. Mixed Methods Research
Catherine E. Harnois
Chapter 12. Quantitative Analysis
Krista McQueeney
Chapter 13. Coding Qualitative Data: Revealing Patterns in Words and Images
Sara Haviland, Heather McKay
Chapter 14. Evaluation Research: Applying Data to Problems
Heather Parrott
Chapter 15. Telling the Story: Interacting with the Communities You Study
Adam Saltsman
Chapter 16. Changing the Game: Using Research to Promote Social Justice

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