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Social Work and Spirituality

Social Work and Spirituality

First Edition

June 2009 | 160 pages | Learning Matters
Social work in modern society requires practitioners to be culturally and spiritually sensitive. This book explores the often challenging relationships between spirituality, religion and social work. It considers the skills, knowledge and values that are required to incorporate a spiritual awareness into social work practice and in doing so explores in greater depth the social worker/service user relationship. By using case studies, reflective exercises and other learning features, students will begin to appreciate and understand the importance of a spiritually sensitive approach to their social work practice.
What is spirituality?
The cultural context of spirituality
Communities and spirituality
Working with spirituality: Older People
Working with spirituality: Disability
Working with spirituality: Mental distress
Working with sprituality: Children

This book is written in such a way that it does not feel like you are reading a text book. Students benefit from the personal examples. I have had positive feedback from all students in my class that they have been engaged in this book, enjoy reading it, and gain much from the information provided.

Dr Sheena Brown
Social Science , University Of Arizona
July 9, 2016

Great introductory text for undergraduate students.

Professor Lorena Fulton
Communication Dept, University Of Arizona
February 4, 2015

A very helpful introduction to an often neglected aspect of social work practice, which is of key importance to the lives of many service users. This book explores complex and sensitive issues in a clear and accessible way and provides useful activities for the application of ideas and space for further reflcetion, In my view this is a helpful text for students and NQSW.

Miss Jacky Foster
Social Work , Cornwall College
September 24, 2013

I was really interested in this book as it provided a very wide introduction to the connection between spirituality and social work.
I found the chapter on children particularly useful as I have not found much social work study on childrens spirituality and I was excited to see this included in the text.
An excellent introduction to the issues, which I would like to see given a greater level of prominence and exploration within social work.

Mrs Rhian Taylor
Social Work (Milton Keynes), The Open University
January 25, 2013

Much needed book in an often neglected area,

Mrs Wendy Nicholas
Dept of Health and Social Studies, Huddersfield University
September 6, 2012

Spirituality is fundamental to many people's lives, but social work has often failed to recognise its importance. This book addresses complex and sensitive issues and meets a real need for an accessible text for students.

Ms Val Howden
Health, Social Care and Early Education, City College Norwich
January 2, 2012