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Social Work Theories and Methods

Social Work Theories and Methods

Second Edition
Edited by:

December 2012 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The second edition of this celebrated book by two of the world's leading researchers in social work introduces readers to the main theories, theorists and perspectives that contribute to the debate on social work theory and social work methods. It brings together some outstanding international researchers in social work to challenge the reader to critically question how they think about social work.

The new edition includes a focus on the psychosocial perspective, with three new chapters on:

- Cognitive behavioural approaches

- Attachment theory and psychoanalytic social work

- Ecological approaches

Each chapter allows the reader to relate the theories and methods discussed to their own personal experiences. This reader friendly book includes student questions, glossaries and recommended reading so that students and practitioners can reappraise and expand the knowledge they have learned.

This book will be valuable for undergraduate and postgraduate students taking courses in social work theory and research methods, social work interventions and perspectives as well as post qualifying students and researchers in social work.

Mel Gray and Stephen A. Webb
Stan Houston
Jurgen Habermas
Harry Ferguson
Anthony Giddens
Paul Michael Garrett
Pierre Bourdieu
Jason Powell
Michel Foucault
Brid Featherstone and Lorraine Green
Judith Butler
David Howe
Attachment theory
Joan Orme
Feminist social work
Mel Gray and Stephen A. Webb
Critical social work
Kate Murray and Steven Hick
Structural social work
Purnima Sundar and Mylan Ly
Sue Penna and Martin O'Brien
Barbara Fawcett
Postmodern social work
Eric L. Garland and A. Bruce Thyer
Cognitive-behavioural approach
Fred Besthorn
Ecological approach
Deirdre Kirke
Social network analysis
Jerry Floersch, Jeffrey Longhofer and Megan Nordquest Schwaille
Gerald de Montigny
Sue White
Discourse and reflexivity
Debbie Plath
Evidence-based practice
Ian Shaw
Ways of knowing

Essential reading for all Theories and Methods modules.

Mr Luke Tibbits
Social Work , Birmingham City University
December 9, 2014

An excellent text which gives a superb overview of social work theories and methods. I cannot recommend this text highly enough.

Mr Paul Rimmer
Social Work , Edge Hill University
October 20, 2014

The content is quite easy to understand and this facilitates easy application of the theories.

Miss Monica Miller
Sociology/Social Work Unit, University of Guyana
October 14, 2014

Excellent chapters on Evidence based practice and attachment have been well received by students in this recommended text.

Mr David Hambling
Faculty of Sport, Health & Social Care, Gloucestershire University
October 13, 2014

A great book - authoritative and clear

Professor Viviene Cree
School of Social and Political Studies, Edinburgh Univ.
July 21, 2014

Comprehensive and covers a range of social work theories and methods. Recommended reading for students doing social work degree

Mrs Tracey McVeigh
School of Sociology, Social Policy & Social Work, Queen's University Belfast
May 29, 2014

This book is applied for the course of Social Work Theory for third year students and Perspectives for Social Work Practice for master students. I am happy with this book as essential information and readings for the whole course. Currently there is not any book in social work theory in Vietnamese. The book is being introduced in Vietnam Social Work Network at for reference

Mr Kham Tran
Office for Research Affairs, Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities
March 12, 2014

Excellent reading. Strong theoretical basis and provides Social Work students with a scholarly text for more in depth study

Dr Linda Smith
School of Social Work, University of the Witwatersrand
February 21, 2014

The second edition is similar to the first, but clarifies and updates some of the key perspectives which influence social work theory and practice.

Health Wellbeing and Family, Canterbury Christ Church
February 20, 2014

This is an excellent text. I highly recommended it to students who are embarking on their final year projects and dissertations. It is challenging and enables students to reach deeper levels of understanding of social phenemona.

Ms Nora Duckett
Social Work (North Campus), London Metropolitan Uni (North Campus)
February 4, 2014