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Society Guardian NHS and Social Services Directory 2005/6

Society Guardian NHS and Social Services Directory 2005/6

First Edition
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August 2005 | 456 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`Better than anything produced so far' - Mary Humphrey, Secretary, National Homecare Council

The new edition of Society Guardian NHS and Social Services Directory is an indispensable guide to the UK's health and social services. As well as presenting the essential facts and figures about the NHS and social services in the United Kingdom it also provides informative contributions from key personnel, including Sir Nigel Crisp, Chief Executive, NHS.

Fully comprehensive A to Z contact sections of the hundreds of Strategic Health Authorities, NHS Trusts and Boards, Social Services/Work

Departments and Boards and NHS Hospitals, providing not just the names of key personnel but also full details of how to contact them, makes this book an indispensable reference tool for anyone who works with, or needs to contact these organisations in the UK.

The Directory also provides a useful summary of the structure of the NHS and Social Services and information about performance and key areas of change and innovation making it a useful reference work for anybody studying, researching or planning to work in these organizations.

The Structure of the NHS in England
The Structure of the NHS Outside England
General Information
Change and Innovation
The Structure of Personal Social Services Provision
Notes to A to Z Section

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