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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
A Multicultural Approach

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The first book in the field to cover solution-focused brief therapy from a multicultural perspective

September 2013 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Solution Focused Brief Therapy: A Multicultural Approach is a timely text that outlines the basics of solution focused therapy then applies the approach to a range of multicultural populations. The book is intended for students in training to learn the SFBT method from a multiculturally competent approach. It first presents an introduction to the development of SFBT and then goes into the techniques and skills. The third chapter presents the evidence for using SFBT and then discusses the effectiveness of the approach. The next part of the book is the application across various client populations, including African American, Hispanic and Latino, Native Americans, LGBT, immigrants, clients with disabilties, socioeconomically disadvantaged clients, and spritual/religious. A final chapter synthesizes the book and reviews directions on using the approach. The book will contain cases in every chapter, teaching tools such as exercises and worksheets, and key implications for practice.
Johnny S. Kim
Chapter 1. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Cultural Competency
Terry S.Trepper; Eric E. McCollum; Peter De Jong; Harry Korman; Wallace Gingerich; Cynthia Franklin
Chapter 2. Solution-Focused Therapy Treatment Manual for Working With Individuals.
Cynthia Franklin; Katherine L. Montgomery
Chapter 3. Does Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Work?
Johnny S. Kim; Jun Song Hong; Cindy Sangalang
Chapter 4. Solution-Focused Approach With Asian American Clients
Diane Bigler
Chapter 5. Solution-Focused Approach With African American Clients
Peter Lehman, Catheleen Jordan; Damaris Mosharef
Chapter 6. Solution-Focused Approach With Hispanic and Latino Clients
Sara Blakeslee, Sara A. Smock Jordan
Chapter 7. Solution-Focused Approach With American Indian Clients
Rowena Fong, Britt Urban
Chapter 8. Solution-Focused Approach With Asian Immigrant Clients
Jung Jin Choi, Robin Akdeniz
Chapter 9. Solution-Focused With Multicultural Families
Sara A. Smock Jordan
Chapter 10. Solution-Focused Approach With LGBTQ Clients
Adam Froerer; Ednalice Pagan-Romney
Chapter 11. Solution-Focused Approach With Clients With Disabilities
Brandy R. Maynard; Michael S. Kelly
Chapter 12. Solution-Focused Approach With Economically Poor Clients
Michael S. Kelly; Brandy R. Maynard
Chapter 13. Solution-Focused Approach With Spiritual or Religious Clients

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