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Solution-Focused Therapy

Solution-Focused Therapy

Third Edition

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Brief Therapy

October 2012 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Struggling with the intricacies of Solution-Focused theory, skills or practice? Wanting to learn more about providing brief, practically-based solution-focused interventions across many therapeutic settings? As part of the popular Brief Therapies Series, this long awaited third edition will tell you all you need to know about Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) and more!

This popular introduction takes you step-by-step through the counselling process, providing insight into how to structure and manage your therapeutic work in ways that are grounded in Solution-Focused principles.

This book includes:

- a detailed introduction to the theory and practice of 'brief' therapy

- a discussion of the foundations of SFT

- exercises to use with clients and/or trainees

- brand new case examples relating theory directly to practice

- an insightful reflection on the journey of the practitioner

From leading Solution-Focused expert Bill O'Connell, this book will not only provide practical guidelines and theoretical background for the beginner but support and inspiration for the more experienced.

Bill O'Connell is Director of Training for Focus on Solutions Limited in Birmingham. He was previously Head of the Counselling Department at Westhill College of Higher Education, Birmingham, and is co-editor of Handbook of Solution-Focused Therapy (SAGE, 2003).

Harvey Ratner
Alasdair J Macdonald
Preface to the Third Edition
Brief Therapy
Foundations of SFT
Overview of the Model
The First Session
Second Sessions and beyond: Keeping the Focus on Solutions
The Solution-Focused Journey
Solution-Focused Supervision
Frequently Asked Questions about SFT
An Integrative Solution-Focused Approach
Tips and Exercises for Using the SF Approach
Appendix: Solution-Focused Resources

'Solution-Focused Therapy is an excellent book, especially for existing counsellors wishing to expand their skills. O'Connell's description of SFT is clear, succinct and engaging. And, as always, he maintains an open door to other counselling models thus creating a boradly-based school in which many different ideas and practices can join together under one roof' -
Chris Iveson, Founder Member of the Brief Therapy Practice

'An excellent book! O'Connell's description of SFT is clear, succinct and engaging. As always, he maintains an open door to other counseling models, creating a broadly-based school in which many different ideas and practices can join together'
Chris Iveson, founder member of BRIEF, Europe's largest solution-focused brief therapy training organisation

'This book is well connected with the wider counselling and therapy literature. It will particularly appeal to those coming to SF therapy from a related field, making connections and links and reinforcing many lessons' -
Dr Mark McKergow, director of sfwork, SFCT Board member and editor of InterAction: The journal of Solution Focus in organisations

This book deals with SFT directly and practically. It gives good examples and has a good degree of knowledge/ information. The book seems to be directly aimed at therapists and consolers who working on a more one to one basis, which limits it scope somewhat. I cannot really fault the book, it just didn't suit my needs.

Dr Davy Walsh
Health Sciences, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
October 21, 2015

For students studying Solution-Focused Therapy, this book gives a clear explanation and exploration of the subject. It is easy to understand and very accessible across all levels. From 2-5

Ms Liz Swanson
Early Years Health and Care, South Essex College
August 20, 2015

A useful book which is helpful for trainee counselling psychologists to apply solution focused principles to their practice.

Dr Jessica McCarrick
Department of Psychology, University of Teesside
November 7, 2014

This is an excellent book, with many practical examples so that students can make sense of the theory. It is easy to read and understand.

Mrs Dorothy Adam
Nursing & Midwifery, The Robert Gordon University
August 8, 2014

An excellent book with plenty of practical ideas about how to use this approach. I have used it in preparing for lectures, recommended it on reading lists and used some of the exercises in class.

Allan Rose
School of Health Science & Social Care, Brunel Univ.
June 16, 2014

An excellent book on the topic of SFBT. Core to any course that examines this approach to therapy.

Mr Frederick Ruddick
Nursing , University of Cumbria
March 11, 2014

This is a key text for my SFBT module.

Mr Frederick Ruddick
Nursing , University of Cumbria
February 21, 2014

useful and detailed enough description of the approach. Would be useful as a key book for a solution focused course. However this was only one section of a broader course.

Mr Kevin Standish
Counselling UCS, Newham College of Further Education
January 1, 2014

Well structured and easy to follow for people with differing levels of knowledge of SFT.

Mrs Sue Williams
Institute of Applied Social Studies, Birmingham University
December 12, 2013

Preserves the overall structure and intention of the original text, but includes

  • New ideas about the SF process clearly illustrated.
  • New chapter on The Solution Focused Journey which brings to life those initial experiences that every student new to SFT will face.
  • New chapter on tips and exercises for practitioners which has made the new edition much more skills/ action-focused. This new chapter sends the reader away with a set of practical hints and tips that they will be able to put into practice right away.
  • Updated references.

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