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Sonia Blandford's Masterclass

Sonia Blandford's Masterclass

First Edition

March 2008 | 128 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`A valuable collection of columns that promotes an enlightened, progressive way of practising and thinking about education. It shows that teachers who operate at the sharp end of school life have reasons to be optimistic too' - Will Woodward, Editor, Education Guardian

Sonia Blandford's weekly Masterclass columns proved a hit with readers when they appeared in The Guardian. Now, for the first time, readers can enjoy a selection of Sonia's columns in one book.

Each chapter focuses on a current issue being faced by practitioners and school leaders, and draws on real-life events and case studies to provide practical solutions.

The book includes:

" advice on creation and implementation of policies

" practical guidance on behaviour management

" consideration of workforce reform and its impact on practice

" discussion points at the end of each chapter

This book is an excellent starting point for NQTs, Teachers and Teacher Trainers looking for an informative and entertaining route into discussing some of the more pressing problems in education today.

Importance of Looking After the Individual in a Community of Learners
What Makes a Good Learning Environment?
A Palatable Alternative to Selling Crisps in School Tuck Shops
Inclusion Is About Identifying and Removing Injustices
Time to Give SENCOs the Support They Deserve
Schools Are a Microcosm of their Local Community
Good Practice Is What Makes Teaching a Job worth Having
Importance of Planning
Noise Control - A Level of Distraction
Time for Individual Needs to Take Priority
All Teachers Can Be Managers and Leaders
A Team Doesn't Pull Together without Effective Leadership
No Teacher is an Island - they Need to Collaborate
Meetings Are not a Waste of Teachers' Time
Teachers Should Seize the Chance to Become Budget Holders
Pupils Thrive in Structured, Creative Mess
Learning Should Be Staged Like Scaffolding with the Next Level
Visible Threats Quash Bad Behaviour but Positive Reinforcement Has Lasting Effect
Successful Teachers Focus On Learning Not Behaviour Management
The Referee in the Classroom - Expectations and Rules
Rewards and Praise Work Much Better than Threats and Punishment
Communication in Schools Should Be in a Quiet Way and Shouting Is Outlawed
Children Who Have Not Learnt How to Behave Need Expert Help
Good Teachers Focus on What Each Pupil Can Do
Assessment Should Be a Means to Improve Teaching
The Art of Report Writing
The Public Examination System Is a Bit Like a Lift
A Stressed Teacher Will Be Less Effective than a Relaxed One
A Different Tune
Teachers Can Still Make Performers of their Students
A Few Tips on How to Face the Music of the School Performance
Creative Ideas Can Be Found In the Oddest Places
Trainee Teachers Need Qualified and Devoted Mentors
How to Give Newly Qualified Teachers a Good Start
Much More Thought Should Be Given To Planning Staff Training Days
Make Provision for Continuing Professional Development - a Space To Grow
Everyone Should Consider Further Study for Themselves
Differences in Educational Provision in Schools and FE Colleges
Recruit People to the Profession
Increased Use of Computers Has Had a Limited Impact On Learning
Is Remodelling the National Curriculum the Way Forward?
Remodelling the Workforce - How to Make Best Use of Extra Staff
A New Curriculum Geared to Individual Needs

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