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Special Education Induction Kit (2005/2006)

Special Education Induction Kit (2005/2006)

December 2005 | Corwin
''Updated for 2005! This collection of key books will help you deal effectively with the challenges of being a special education teacher. The Special Education Induction Kit contains 5 valuable tools for working effectively with exceptional students: Working With Challenging Parents of Students With Special NeedsLearn how to understand the difficult parentsÆ perspective of a special needs child while arming yourself with methods to address their concerns and move beyond conflict to true collaboration! Differentiating Instruction for Students With Learning Disabilities Best Teaching Practices for General and Special EducatorsInvaluable for teachers who wish to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities or other low-achieving students, this book provides ideas, examples, and tactics that illustrate the best practices to date. The Exceptional TeacherÆs HandbookThe First-Year Special Education Teacher's Guide to SuccessSecond EditionUpdated to address changes in NCLB and IDEA legislation, the second edition provides a step-by-step management approach complete with planning checklists and other ready-to-use forms. What Successful Teachers Do in Inclusive Classrooms60 Research-Based Teaching Strategies That Help Special Learners Succeed This guide focuses on maximizing student achievement by outlining a full range of research-based methods that can be interwoven to create the best instructional plan for special learners. How the Special Needs Brain Learns This book focuses on the most common challenges to learning for many students and emphasizes lifelong independent learning, increased retention, and cognitive flexibility for all. Save over $32 off the individually priced books. Get all 5 books for $124.95! The books are presented as a boxed kit. Free U.S. Shipping when you order online!

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