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Sport on Trial

Sport on Trial

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June 2012 | SAGE Publications Ltd
Should sport be above politics and human rights? As London gets ready for the Olympics, Index on Censorship visits the ethical pit stops, asks whether sporting tournaments can be good for democracy and considers the appeal of championships to sports mad dictators - from Vladimir Putin to Alexander Lukashenko. With Mihir Bose giving the inside track on sport and ethics, Natalie Haynes Corinna Ferguson on new threats to the right to protest in the UK, Stephen Escritt and Martin Polley on brand control, Arnold van Bruggen and Rob Hornstra on Russia's winter challenge, and Leah Borromeo on what the Olympics mean for locals. Plus award-winning Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat, Salil Tripathi on censorship at literary festivals and reports on press freedom from Hungary, Dagestan and Mexico.

Index on Censorship is an award-winning magazine, devoted to protecting and promoting free expression. International in outlook, outspoken in comment, Index on Censorship reports on free expression violations around the world, publishes banned writing and shines a light on vital free expression issues through original, challenging and intelligent commentary and analysis, publishing some of the world's finest writers.

Winner 2008 Amnesty International Consumer Magazine of the Year

Jo Glanville
Malu Halasa
Creative dissent: An interview with celebrated cartoonist Ali Ferzat
James Kirchick
Hungary's betrayal: Fallout from the new media law
John Crowfoot
Murder in Dagestan: A new crisis for press freedom
Matthaios Tsimtakis
Tight spot: Greek journalists under pressure
Mihir Bose
Sporting trials: Should sport make way for human rights?
Athol Fugard
From the archive: Bomb psychology: against the boycott
Stephen Escritt & Martin Polley
Game control: Who owns the Olympics?
Natalie Haynes
Bad sport: A guide to the rules and regs
Brian Glanville
From the archive: A massacre in Mexico: 1968
Leah Borromeo
Local heroes: What the Olympics means for East London
Corinna Ferguson
Capital clean-up: More laws have been passed in the UK to curb protest
Martin Rowson
Arnold Van Bruggen & Rob Hornstra
Putin's winter challenge: Sport in a troubled terrain
Natalka Babina
Team Lukashenko
Duncan Hewitt
China's promise: The mixed legacy of the Games
Zaw Thet Htway
Spring thaw: Burma's journalists are still suspicious
Katitza Rodriguez & Rebecca Bowes
Spy games: Surveillance and the Olympics
Ivan Klíma
From the archive: The girl athlete: a short story
Salil Tripathi
Taking a stand: Festivals, censorship and protest
Ivan Kraus
From the archive: A letter to Mr Ceausescu
Frances Harrison
Poems from the edge: Sri Lankan poets on the front line
Judy Blume
From the archive: Gentle reader

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