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Sport Politics

Sport Politics

Four Volume Set
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February 2016 | 1 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The study of sport has seen rapid expansion in recent years, expanding into more and more disciplines including sociology, history, international relations and politics. Most strikingly, the past few decades have seen sport’s political salience increase greatly, with governments of all political hues now tending to view sport and sports mega-events as vehicles through which to meet wide-reaching, non-sporting objectives. For the first time, defining articles on the key issues in sport politics from the last forty years have been brought together in a single resource, allowing for a nuanced examination of key developments and possible future directions.

The collection is divided across four volumes, each addressing a key theme of sport politics:

Volume One: Sport in History

Volume Two: Sport and International Relations

Volume Three: Sport and Domestic Policy

Volume Four: The Politics of Sport

Sport in the Western Civilizing Process

Eric Dunning
Sport and International Relations before 1918

Pierre Arnaud
Sport, Politics and the Engaged Historian

Allen Guttmann
Introduction: Sport and politics

Jeffrey Hill
History and Sport

Martin Polley
Reframing the Direction of Change in the History of Sport

Nancy Struna
The State of British Sport History

William Baker
The Impact of Communism on Sport

James Riordan
Sport Participation in the German Democratic Republic

Michael Dennis
The Decline of Mass Sport Provision in the German Democratic Republic

Jonathan Grix
Japan’s Sports Diplomacy in the Early Post-Second World War Years

Sayuri Guthrie-Shimizu
Sociological Reflections on Sport, Violence and Civilization

Eric Dunning
The Making of the IOC Environmental Policy as the Third Dimension of the Olympic Movement

Hart Cantelon and Michael Letters
Globalizing the Nation-Making Process: Modern Sport in World History

Mark Dyreson
The State of Play: Women in British Sport History

Carol Osborne and Fiona Skillen
What Price Victory? The World of International Sports and Politics

Andrew Strenk
Sport and International Relations: A Case of Mutual Neglect

T. Taylor
The Role and Importance of Sport in International Relations

Richard Espy
Sport, Prestige and International Relations

Lincoln Allison and Terry Monnington
Sport’s Role in Constructing the ‘Inter-State’ Worldview

Roger Levermore
The Contested Terrain of Sport Diplomacy in a Globalizing World

Steven Jackson
Sport in International Relations: A Case for Cross-Disciplinary Investigation

Aaron Beacom
Sport for Decolonization: Exploring a New Praxis of Sport for Development

Simon Darnell and Lyndsay Hayhurst
Sport as an Opiate of International Relations: The Myth and Illusion of Sport as a Tool of Foreign Diplomacy

Robert Redeker
Building Sport Countries’ Overseas Identity and Reputation: A Case Study of Public Paradiplomacy

Jordi Xifra
Sports Mega-Events as Part of a Nation’s Soft Power Strategy: The Cases of Germany (2006) and the UK (2012)

Jonathan Grix and Barrie Houlihan
The USA and Sporting Diplomacy: Comparing and Contrasting the Cases of Table Tennis with China and Baseball with Cuba in the 1970s

Thomas Carter and John Sugden
‘Image’ Leveraging and Sports Mega-Events: Germany and the 2006 World Cup

Jonathan Grix
China’s Foreign Policy in Sport: The Primacy of National Security and Territorial Integrity Concerning the Taiwan Question

Junwei Yu
The Politics of Sport Diplomacy and Reunification in Divided Korea: One Nation, Two Countries and Three Flags

Udo Merkel
The Sport for Development and Peace Sector: A Critical Sociological Analysis

R. Giulianotti and G. Armstrong
Modernization and Sport: The Reform of Sport England and UK Sport

Barrie Houlihan and Mick Green
Why Do Governments Invest in Elite Sport? A Polemic

Jonathan Grix and Fiona Carmichael
Mechanisms of International Influence on Domestic Elite Sport Policy

Barrie Houlihan
How to Influence National Pride? The Olympic Medal Index as a Unifying Narrative

Ivo van Hilvoorde, Agnes Elling and Ruud Stokvis
Bringing Structures Back In: The ‘Governance Narrative’, the ‘Decentred Approach’ and ‘Asymmetrical Network Governance’ in the Education and Sport Policy Communities

Mark Goodwin and Jonathan Grix
Public Policies on Sport Development: Can Mass and Elite Sport Hold Together?

Mike Collins
Centralized Grassroots Sport Policy and ‘New Governance’: A Case Study of County Sports Partnerships in the UK – Unpacking the Paradox

Lesley Phillpots, Jonathan Grix and Tom Quarmby
Delivery networks and community sport in England

Spencer Harris & Barrie Houlihan
Sports Policy

Peter Bramham
Towards Social Leverage of Sport Events

Laurence Chalip
Property ownership, resource use, and the 'gift of nature'

Neil Ravenscroft, Andrew Church and Paul Gilchrist
Understanding Sport Clubs as Sport Policy Implementers: A Theoretical Framework for the Analysis of the Implementation of Central Sport Policy through Local and Voluntary Sport Organizations

Eivind Skille
Sport Policy Development in New Zealand: Paradoxes of an Integrative Paradigm

Michael Sam and Steven Jackson
Critical Policy Analysis: The Illustrative Case of New Zealand Sport Policy Development

Laurence Chalip
Supporters, Followers, Fans, and Flaneurs: A Taxonomy of Spectator Identities in Football

Richard Giulianotti
Steroids and the State: Dubin, Melodrama and the Accomplishment of Innocence

John MacAloon
Public Sector Sport Policy: Developing a Framework for Analysis

Barrie Houlihan
Sport and Social Class

Pierre Bourdieu
Where’s the Virtue? Where’s the Grace? A Discussion of the Social Production of Gender Relations in and through Sport

Jennifer Hargreaves
Media Image: Sport, Gender and National Identities in Five European Countries

Gerd von der Lippe
Reproducing Gender? Intergenerational Links and the Male PE Teacher as a Cultural Conduit in Teaching Physical Education

David Brown and John Evans
How a Turn to Critical Race Theory Can Contribute to Our Understanding of ‘Race’, Racism and Anti-Racism in Sport

Kevin Hylton
Race, Politics and Sport

Colin Tatz
From Racial Exclusions to New Inclusions: Black and Minority Ethnic Participation in Football Clubs in the East Midlands of England

Steven Bradbury
Sport, Masculinity and Black Cultural Resistance

Ben Carrington
Taking the Politics Out of Sport? Australian Press Coverage of South African-Australian Sport, 1992–1994

Susan McKay
Amateurism, Sport and the Left: Amateurism for All versus Amateur Elitism

James Riordan
Communitarianism, Sport and Social Capital: ‘Neighbourly Insights into Scottish Sport’

Grant Jarvie
Sport and Social Capital

Ørnulf Seippel
Neoliberalism’s Last Lap? NASCAR Nation and the Cultural Politics of Sport

Joshua Newman and Michael Giardina
Daughters of Islam: Family Influences on Muslim Young Women's Participation in Sport

Tess Kay

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