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Staging Shakespearian Dissent

Staging Shakespearian Dissent
Plays that provoke, protest and slip by the censors

First Edition
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April 2016 | SAGE Publications Ltd

Historian Tom Holland, actor Simon Callow, Brazil's controversial director Roberto Alvim and Bollywood's Aparna Sen all talk Shakespeare, protest and dissent in the latest issue of Index on Censorship.

The magazine takes a look at how staging Shakespeare has allowed directors to tackle issues that would have otherwise been censored in countries around the world. Also John McNamara, scriptwriter for new film Trumbo, talks about what Hollywood will and won't screen today.

Plus Argentina 40 years after the coup and interviews with singers Ramy Essam and Fermin Muguruza.

Rachael Jolley
Editorial: Why Governments Fear Theatre More Than They Realise
Jemimah Steinfeld
Rising Star
Jan Fox
When the Show Doesn’t Go On
Suhrith Parthasarathy
The Bard Meets Bollywood
Elizabeth Zaza Muchemwa
Lifting the Curtain on Zimbabwe
Claire Rigby Interviews Roberto Alvim
Lend Me Your Ears
Simon Callow
Plays, Protests and the Censor’s Pencil
Kathleen E Mcluskie
The Play’s The Thing
Tom Holland
Morals Made To Measure
Martin Rowson
György Spiró
The Writer of Our Discontent
Preti Taneja
Star-Crossed Actors
Kaya Genç
When the Dream Upset the Regime
Natasha Joseph
Say No Moor
Jodie Ginsberg
Global View
Charlotte Bailey
Theatre Of War
Ryan Mcchrystal
Beyond Belief
Vicky Baker
Exposing History’s Faultlines
Duncan Tucker
Rainbow Warriors
Sybil Jones
Hack Job
Nan Levinson
“They Worried I’m Dangerous. I’m Absolutely Harmless”
Alastair Reid with Peter Sands
Tools and Tricks for Truth Seekers
Jason Daponte
Your Television Is Watching You
John Mcnamara
Tackling Trumbo
Akram Aylisli
Know Your Enemy
Edin Suljic
Borderless Bard
Ramy Essam
Singing for Tahrir
Fermin Muguruza
Notes of Discord
Josie Timms
Index around the World
Vicky Baker

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