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Theory and Practice

Third Edition (Revised and Updated Edition)
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November 2019 | 744 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Providing a fresh perspective on strategy from an organizational perspective through a discursive approach featuring key theoretic tenets, this text is also pragmatic and emphasizes the practices of strategy to encourage the reader to be open to a wider set of ideas, with a little more relevance, and with a cooler attitude towards the affordances of the digital world and the possibilities for strategy’s futures. 

The key areas of Strategy take a critical stance in the new edition, and also include areas less evident in conventional strategy texts such as not-for-profit organizations, process theories, globalization, organizational politics and decision-making as well as the futures of strategy. 
Chapter 1: Strategy: Theory and Practice - An Introduction
Chapter 2: Strategy, Competitive Forces and Positioning
Chapter 3: Strategy, Resources and Capabilities
Chapter 4: Strategy and Innovation
Chapter 5: Strategy: Make or Buy?
Chapter 6: Strategy, Inter-organizational Cooperation and Alliances
Chapter 7: Strategy: Going Global
Chapter 8: Strategy and Corporate Governance
Chapter 9: Strategy Processes
Chapter 10: Strategy Practice
Chapter 11: Strategy and Organizational Politics
Chapter 12: Strategy and Strategic Change
Chapter 13: Strategy Reconsidered

"Once again, Clegg, Pitelis, Schweitzer and Whittle provide an exciting and accessible introduction to business strategy that will engage students and provide them with a relevant and insightful understanding of a key topic.”

Thomas B. Lawrence
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

"Strategy: Theory and Practice speaks to me. The book offers an insightful introduction to the key theories and topics of strategic management. Unlike most other textbooks, it is written from a critical perspective, which is very much needed in today’s world of grand challenges and wicked problems." 

Eero Vaara
Aalto University School of Business

“This updated and extended third edition of Strategy: Theory and Practice is an excellent textbook that manages to translate the latest strategy knowledge into a form and language that is accessible to students and practitioners alike. A refreshing alternative to the traditional, economics-based strategy textbook!”

Professor David Seidl
Chair of Organization and Management, Zurich University

“This book is a detailed compendium of ideas in the field of strategy, including especially criticisms of core constructs and theoretical linkages.  Full of examples, questions, and study guidance, it deals with the challenges of setting strategies for non-profit organizations and governments as well as for private-sector actors. Students and practitioners interested in the theory and practice of strategy will find this book to be a great resource.”

Professor Anita M. McGahan
Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

This book offers all the basics that business students need to know about the economic and organizational sides of strategy in an appealing easy-to-read format complete with exercises, and mini-cases while stepping outside the run of the mill by provoking critical reflection on established ideas and placing the tools and concepts in perspective. The chapters on the politics, processes and practices of strategy are particularly valuable.

We need more textbooks like this to ensure that future generations of managers become informed yet reflexive consumers of strategic management knowledge and ideas.

Ann Langley
HEC Montréal, Canada

The adoption decision is still pending. I used to use this book for a number of years and the latest version is nice. However, for a global audience I would like to see more international case studies from countries like Germany and Russia.

Dr Konstantinos Pitsakis
Management, London Metropolitan University
May 3, 2022

Dear all,
In deed I have adopted this book. It is a wonderful and insightful production of scholarship.

Mr Qeis Kamran
Economics & Management, ISM Interntional School of Management
December 14, 2022
  • NEW more spacious text design with greater use of colour
  • NEW section on Entrepreneurship and MNEs in Chapter 7
  • Better signposting and linking between chapters
  • More Extend Your Knowledge boxes, Go Online boxes and definitions
  • Readability and accessibility improved throughout
  • Improved PPTs
  • More MCQs
  • NEW SAGE Business Cases – link to ten SAGE Business Cases with teaching notes
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