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Strong Foundations in Early Mathematics

Strong Foundations in Early Mathematics

January 2023 | 168 pages | Learning Matters
Developing the building blocks for mathematics. This book supports early years teachers and practitioners to enable children to build Strong Foundations in Mathematics. It focuses on children's learning and development in mathematics in the critical reception year.  It supports trainee teachers and early years students to reflect on their own mathematics learning and how this influences their teaching and subject confidence. It acknowledges the uniqueness of the early years and explores the mathematical pedagogies of the EYFS. Importantly, the book challenges the assumption that early years mathematics is 'not proper maths'.
Part I: Mathematical landscapes and foundations
Introduction to Part I
Chapter 1: Introduction – Why does early mathematics matter?
Chapter 2: Maths and me – The importance of your relationship with maths
Chapter 3: Developing subject-matter knowledge – Identifying gaps and misconceptions
Part II: Key principles of effective mathematical pedagogy
Introduction to Part II
Chapter 4: The Subject Knowledge Quartet – Outlining a framework for effective support of maths learning
Chapter 5: What’s the point? - Awareness of purpose in mathematical learning
Chapter 6: Where do I start? - Identifying and developing good starting points and examples
Chapter 7: How do I show the maths? - Modelling, demonstrating and the use of resources
Chapter 8: What’s a good question? - Encouraging mathematical talk and developing reasoning
Chapter 9: How do I develop connections? - Linking content and concepts
Chapter 10: What if they ask...? Responding to the unexpected
Chapter 11: Transitions

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