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Student Discipline Data Tracker v.1

Student Discipline Data Tracker v.1

May 2005 | Corwin
One of the most difficult tasks facing today's busy school administrative teams is tracking and managing student discipline. Administrators must balance the rights of students with cultivating classroom environments conducive to learning. Breakdowns in communication, procedure, and due process can lead to unpleasant situations, and ultimately, a disruptive school environment.

Student Discipline Data Tracker v.1 is the most complete tool available to school administrators to track and manage disciplinary issues effectively and accurately. Created with an awareness of major court decisions regarding school discipline, the program includes pop-up tips and hints to alert users to possible procedural issues. The program creates an "electronic paper trail" of student disciplinary incidents that can be accessed by any member of the administrative team. No longer will it be necessary to divide the students into subgroups assigned to a particular administrator. Each member of the team will be able to instantly call up discipline histories and assign appropriate consequences. Student Discipline Data Tracker v.1 makes managing consequences easy. At the click of a button, users can create student sign-in sheets for detention and other consequences of disciplinary issues, print suspension notification letters and lists, as well as generate statistical reports based on customized search criteria.

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