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Study Skills for Chinese Students

Study Skills for Chinese Students

First Edition
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November 2014 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'This is a really useful and comprehensive guide for Chinese students about the essential academic skills needed for successful study in higher education in the UK. It covers all skill areas as well as general information for Chinese students new to the UK academic environment.' - Julie Watson, Principal Teaching Fellow in e-Learning and Head of eLanguages, University of Southampton

Leaving China to study in the UK for the first time can be a daunting experience.  You will be entering a new country and education system with its own culture, customs and values, some of which will be totally different from those back home.  You will need to acquaint yourself with these differences to achieve your goals while studying in the UK and make the most of your stay.  You may be finding it difficult to find this information, you may even be feeling anxious about the move or struggling to fit into your new environment. 

Help is at hand!

This easy-to-read book is designed to be your companion throughout your university studies in the UK, providing practical information and skills and strategies for success. This guide:

  • Introduces you to many life skills needed to support your studies in the UK, such as food, socialising and local amenities
  • Contains information regarding UK assessment, lectures, seminars, campus life and support available from faculty
  • Covers language and comprehension skills to help you communicate in your work and in the classroom with peers
  • Explains the main differences between Eastern and Western thinking and culture
  • Includes research skills and strategies for dissertations, essays and exams.

Other useful features:

  • Xiangping has included study tips in Chinese to help you fully understand each chapter
  • Key words in each chapter are also provided in Chinese, alongside a test on the topic
  • Hear from other Chinese students about their own experiences studying in the UK.

This essential guide will help you to flourish in your UK studies and enjoy yourself along the way!

Student Success is a series of essential guides for students of all levels. From how to think critically and write great essays to boosting your employability and managing your wellbeing, the Student Success series helps you study smarter and get the best from your time at university. 

Chapter 1: Introduction: Living and Studying in the UK
Chapter 2: Developing Your Academic English Skills
Chapter 3: Developing Your Academic Study Skills
Chapter 4: Assignments, Assessment and Feedback
Chapter 5: Research and Dissertations


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‘Study Skills for Chinese Students really helps me to understand how to study successfully in the UK. I really like the personal stories of some of the students, and Xiangping’s tips in Chinese are really helpful and give me confidence.’

Aoke Zhang, Student

‘This book is very easy to read and understand. The tips in Chinese help me make sense of English texts. I also find the examples are very useful to demonstrate ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ways of writing. I wish I had this book when I first started studying in the UK. I would strongly recommend all Chinese students studying in the UK to get hold of the book and I am sure it will make a big positive difference to their academic studies and success!’

Sean Song, Student

‘I really like the clear and detailed explanations of the UK academic ideas and assessments. There are lots of good examples on how to structure answers and how to write and reference academically to avoid plagiarism.’     

Keith Tong, Student

This is a really useful and comprehensive guide for Chinese students about the essential academic skills needed for successful study in higher education in the UK. It covers all skill areas as well as general information for Chinese students new to the UK academic environment.  It includes helpful examples; short reflective tasks; self tests ; personal guidance from one of the authors and  sections on study tips written in Chinese to aid students’ understanding.  It is a book that is perfectly designed for students to dip into or work systematically through.

Importantly, it highlights where there may be dissimilarities in academic cultural practice and provides simple, easy-to-remember tips such as PEEEL for paragraph construction – (main) Point, Example, Explanation and Evidence, Link (to next paragraph) and KISS – Keep It Short and Simple for sentence construction in academic writing. Ranging from living and studying in the UK; through developing your academic English and study skills; assignments, assessment and feedback to research and dissertation, this book packs a great deal of useful information into its 250 pages.

Julie Watson, Principal Teaching Fellow in e-Learning and Head of eLanguages, University of Southampton

[The book] is a well-designed short course for students to dip into – through the use of the detailed contents pages and useful index – or work systematically through. Importantly, it highlights where there may be differences in academic cultural practice between the students’ previous experience and what they may find in UK HE. The book includes a great deal of useful information and can be recommended for Chinese students studying – or preparing to study – in the UK at all levels.

Andy Gillet

This really is excellent in dealing with cultural differences faced by Chines students

Dr Douglas Chalmers
Cultural Business, Glasgow Caledonian University
March 23, 2016

This is an excellent book for Chinese learners who are preparing to or have just started studying in the UK. The book goes over issues Chinese learners may face not just in higher education but also with settling into the country and adapting to UK culture. In addition, some points in the book are written in Chinese and clearly elaborate, from a Chinese perspective, on issues new Chinese learners may have and solutions in dealing with those potential problems, as well as giving words of encouragement.

I think it is of particular note that points are also raised about common problems Chinese students face with academic writing, critical thinking and reflection (among other issues). Clear help, guidance and exercises are raised throughout the book to help Chinese learners in these and other areas. In addition, throughout every chapter there are also questions to help raise students ability to reflect on issues and think critically.

This book can also help course leaders, tutors and teachers in higher education understand where Chinese learners are coming from, and why they may struggle in certain areas or be reticent communicating.

The drawback of this book is that it is only particularly pertinent for Chinese learners. As such it is not particularly useful for other international students, or as course material. However, any course which has Chinese learners could add this to their recommended reading, or indeed advise their Chinese learners to buy it.

This is an essential book for any course which may have Chinese learners on it. If the advice of the book is followed, it should really help Chinese learners adapt to UK the higher education system and culture, and thus hopefully help improve their confidence, motivation and results.

Mr Richard Cashman
Business School, Edinburgh Napier University
December 2, 2015

Used by a student of mine to assist her learning and understanding of study within the UK. She found the book an excellent resource.

Ms Jean Riding
Health, Care and Education, Knowsley Community College
June 26, 2015

Could be useful for Chinese students, although many of the insights apply to any student studying outside their home country

Mrs Elizabeth Bailey
Leeds University Business School, Leeds University
June 19, 2015

I will be recommending this to my Chinese students, as many of them, even second year undergraduates, seem to lack a basic understanding of what they are required to do and how to engage with the UK university system. Lots of useful information in this book.

Mr Kenneth Wilkinson
Dept of Marketing, Ops & Digital Busin, Manchester Metropolitan University
March 21, 2015

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