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Told you need to improve your critical thinking and academic writing skills?  After study tips to boost your grades and finish that essay on time?  Want to improve your wellbeing and find your ideal job after university?  You're in the right place.

The webinars on this page, all hosted by JS Group, provide you with the essential skills to succeed at university and in life.

Featuring our Study Skills authors, they bring expert advice to the table, offering practical and effective tips to help you learn better and study smarter.


Study Skills

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How to think for yourself with Alex Baratta and Tom Chatfield

Skills: critical thinking; critical reading; critical writing

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Academic writing and taking a critical approach with Diana Hopkins and Tom Reid

Skills: academic writing; critical writing; critical thinking

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Study skills for neurodivergent students with Sarah Myhill

Skills: essay writing; creative thinking; mind mapping; revision techniques

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Critical reading and self-critical writing for postgraduates with Mike Wallace & Alison Wray

Skills: literature review writing; critical reading

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Planning your Social Science dissertation with Charlotte Brookfield and Jamie Lewis

Skills: dissertation planning; dissertation writing

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Reflective learning workshop with Julian Edwards

Skills: reflective writing; reflective learning

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How to understand and produce good arguments at university with Dave Rush

Skills: argument building, academic writing, critical skills

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How to argue and be original with Alastair Bonnett

Skills: argument building, creativity, academic writing, critical skills

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Doing Social Science research with Charlotte Brookfield and Jamie Lewis

Skills: research skills; dissertation research

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Research time with Kelly Trivedy

Skills: research skills


Wellbeing and Professional Development

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Getting the most out of your university journey with Helen Coleman and Kaye Rabel

Skills: wellbeing; academic writing; time management

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Boosting your employability with ease with Felicity Becker

Skills: employability; CV writing; job interviews

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From surviving to thriving with Christian van Nieuwerburgh

Skills: stress management; mental health management; 


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