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Studytube, videos for study skills

Watch SAGE study skills authors share their tips on improving study and academic skills at university, and show these short videos to your students in tutorials to inspire them and kick off discussions.



An introduction to academic writing
Alex Osmond talks about the motivations behind writing his book Academic Writing and Grammar for Students, what makes it unique, and how it helps students from a wide range of subjects improve their academic writing.

Tackling common mistakes
Alex discusses some common mistakes found in student essays and how to correct them. He also confesses his own academic writing weaknesses, and how he has improved his style and grammar over the years.

Writing with conciseness and clarity
Alex tackles one of the most challenging aspects of academic writing: keeping things short, simple and clear. Just because the subject is difficult, it doesn't mean the writing has to be difficult too.


How do you define critical reading? A short introduction
Mike Wallace and Alison Wray, authors of Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates, introduce the concept of critical reading, and what it means to be critical.

What is the difference between an opinion and an argument?
Mike and Alison discuss how to differentiate between opinion and argument in critical writing, and the impact of using evidence to support claims and draw conclusions.

Advice on how to focus your literature search
Mike and Alison help you stay focused and not get bogged down by information, with tips including having a clear set of questions to aid your research.


Common errors in academic writing
What are the three most common errors in academic writing? Lynn Nygaard, author of Writing for Scholars, shares her insights and advice on how you can avoid them.

How to find your voice as a writer
Having a clear, distinct voice is crucial in academia… do you need help finding yours? Lynn provides practical tips on how to find an appropriate writing style as an academic.

Writing for your audience
Adapting your writing to meet the needs of the reader is one of the most challenging aspects of writing. Lynn advises on how to target your writing and find the right journal for your article.