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Succeeding in Your Medical Degree

Succeeding in Your Medical Degree

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May 2011 | 168 pages | Learning Matters
Students may not be aware of it, but Tomorrow's Doctors (2009) will have a significant impact on their undergraduate medical education. Aimed at new medical students, this book highlights the key themes in British medical education and how the recommendations in Tomorrow's Doctors will affect their education and subsequent career. Covering topics such as professionalism, leadership, medical informatics and peer tutoring in addition to more familiar areas such as assessment, student-selected components, simulation and clinical attachments, this book will help medical students to understand the course they are embarking on and, ultimately, to succeed at becoming doctors.
The Role of the General Medical Council in UK Medical Education
Tomorrow's Doctors and Medical Education
Medical Leadership
Assessment in Medical Education
Teaching and Assessing Communication Skills in Medicine
Student Selected Components (SSCs)
Peer Feedback on the Professional Behaviours of Medical Students
Clinical Placements
Career Planning and How to Build Your CV for a Career in Medicine
Information Management
Future Directions in Medical Education

'This book provides interesting and easy-to-digest information for medical students in all stages of their studies. Pre-clinical students will benefit from chapters on assessment and career planning, while the chapters on clinical placements, leadership and professionalism provide useful information for students in later years' -

Written with real-life experiences and accounts to demonstrate key issues, this is perfect for the contemporary medical student. It is a very handy text referring to when in personal tutorials with early phase students and in study skills classes.

Ms Michelle Robinson
Division of Medical Education, Kings College
June 6, 2014

An excellent introduction for senior medical students and Foundation Year doctors.

Mr George Hogg
School of Medicine, Dundee University
April 26, 2012

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