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Super Media

Super Media
A Cultural Studies Approach

July 1989 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Written in a clear and engaging style, Super Media introduces and examines the newly emerging cultural studies approach to understanding media. Michael Real begins by providing a critical review of previous traditions of media research and theory -- illustrated with tables and comparative charts -- and re-integrates media study around cultural studies. He argues that issues of personal identity and consciousness, of conflict and bias, of politics and policy, are more effectively articulated and understood through cultural studies.

Drawing from both humanities and the social sciences, he centers his analyses in text, meaning, representation, interpretation, conflict, ideology, hegemony and culture. Extensive case studies flesh out these theories and concepts by exploring lively and familiar examples of media, including the Olympics, Hollywood films, superpower politics and transnational television programs.

Our Media, Ourselves
Identity, Culture, and the Experience of Super Media

Cultural Studies as Metadiscipline
Interpreting Presidential Assassinations

Empirical Analysis
The Academy Awards

Structuralist Analysis 1
Bill Cosby and Recoding Ethnicity

Structuralist Analysis 2
Gender in Movie Directing

Critical Analysis 1
The Cold War in Film and Television or Take That, You Dirty Commie!

Critical Analysis 2
Media Bias and Olympic Boycotts

Ritual Analysis
The Olympic Global Event

Super Media - The Clouded Mirror


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