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Sustainable Democracy

Sustainable Democracy
Individuality and the Politics of the Environment

October 1996 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
One of the most fundamental dilemmas characterizing the end of the twentieth century is the tension between consumerism, on one hand, and the threats to our health and environment on the other. John Buell and Thomas S DeLuca provide a trenchant analysis of the growth of environmentalism during a period of increased conservatism and deregulation. First, they consider the myths that strengthen our understanding of environmental issues and their political ramifications. The authors then probe the intricate relation between economic growth and environmentalism. Finally, they suggest a series of principles and reforms that point to a way out of the bind that threatens to ensnare us.
Myths of Origin
The New Corporate Politics of Sustainability
The Limits of Ecopolitics
Nature, Human Nature, and the Community
Principles of Sustainability
Directions for Future Policy
Sustainable Democracy


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