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Systematic Data Collection

Systematic Data Collection

Volume: 10

April 1988 | 96 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The message of this concise volume is that data collection in the field can be carried out in a structured, systematic and scientific way. This volume compels field researchers to take very seriously not only what they hear, but what they ask. Ethnographers have often discovered too late that the value of their interview information is discounted as a consequence of poor sampling (of both questions and informants) and poor elicitation techniques. Firstly the authors focus on the importance of establishing the right questions to ask through the use of free listing techniques, then they describe in practical terms the administration of an impressive array of alternative kinds of informant task. They conclude with a discussion of reliability and validity of various methods which can be used to generate more systematic, culturally meaningful data.
Introduction to Structured Interviewing
Defining a Domain and Free Listing
Pile Sort I
Single Sorts

Pile Sort II
Successive Sorts and the Construction of Taxonomies and Trees

Triadic Comparisons
Rating Scales
Rank Order Methods
Complete and Partial Techniques

Balanced-Incomplete Block Designs
Sentence Frame Formats
Other Common Structured Formats
Dichotomous, Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-Blank, Matching, Direct Estimation, and Pick N

Reliability, Consensus, and Sample Size
Validity and Replication with Variations

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