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Systems Analysis & Design Fundamentals

Systems Analysis & Design Fundamentals
A Business Process Redesign Approach

  • Ned Kock - Texas A&M International University, Laredo, USA, Texas A&M International University

July 2012 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Systems Analysis and Design Fundamentals: A Business Process Redesign Approach goes significantly beyond what one would normally find in a systems analysis and design text in terms of business process redesign, as well as related emerging trends in business. As such, it breaks new ground in the teaching of systems analysis and design, by preparing students to operate in work environments where rarely straight automation of business process (i.e., without being preceded by business process redesign) leads to significant gains in quality or productivity.
Chapter 1: Introduction
Part I: Emerging Trends in Business
Part I Case: The FBI's Virtual Case File
Chapter 2 Data, Information, and Knowledge Flow in Business Processes
Chapter 3: Return on Investment in Technology
Part II: Understanding Business Processes
Part II Case: DoD's Software Procurement From CSC
Chapter 4: The Past, Present, and Future of Business Process Redesign
Chapter 5: Business Process Modeling Approaches and Diagrams
Part III: Changing Business Processes
Part III Case: IBM Global Financing's Credit Issuance Process
Chapter 6: Selecting a Target for Successful Businesss Process Redesign
Chapter 7: Representing Information and Knowledge in Business Processes
Chapter 8: Redesigning Business Processes
Part IV: Technology-Based Business Process Implementation
Part IV Case: Investars, Inc.'s Outsourcing of Programming to Belarus
Chapter 9: Using IT to Enable New Process Designs
Chapter 10: Redesigning Little Italy Restaurants
Part V: Advanced Technology Issues
Part V Case: Denver International Airport’s Baggage Handling System
Chapter 11: Database Design Concepts and Issues
Chapter 12: Object-Oriented Design Concepts and Issues
Chapter 13: Business Process Automation With ASP
Chapter 14: Conclusion
Appendix A: Complete ASP Code Examples
Appendix B: Answers to Review Questions
About the Author

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Professor Dirk Drechsler
MI/UNITS, Hochschule Offenburg
April 7, 2015

Good choice as a text book for Information Systems students.

Adequately supported with good examples.

Dr Tareq Alhousary
Management Information Systems, Dhofar University
October 19, 2014

provides helpful background on business process reengineering, unfortunately not enough illustrations in some chapters.

Professor Ruediger Breitschwerdt
Informationsmanagement & Wirtschaftsinformatik, University of Osnabruck
June 18, 2013

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