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TeacherEvaluationWorks Pro CD

TeacherEvaluationWorks Pro CD

June 2004 | Corwin
TeacherEvaluationWorksPro is a dual-platform (Mac and PC) software programme that greatly reduces the time taken to create performance evaluation and classroom observation reports. The programme has easy-to-use interface screens that include enhanced data entry features such as pull-down menus and automatic entries of data into various fields. Included is an extensive and fully editable database of point-and-click "boilerplate" performance statements and lesson components descriptions designed to make reports sizzle. Reports can be printed in any one of three styles, or outputted as raw text format to be formatted using any word processing programme.

TeacherEvaluationWorksPro comes with a statistics reporting feature that list performance evaluations and classroom observations that have already been conducted. Occasionally print a statistics report and know precisely who needs to be observed and when. Affordable, easy-to-use, dual-platform, and time-saving, TeacherEvaluationWorksPro makes any school administrator, or student teacher advisor's job of completing performance evaluation and classroom observation reports simple.

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ISBN: 9781412905268