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Teaching Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Teaching Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

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March 2015 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

All teachers are expected to have a clear understanding of the needs of all pupils and be able to use and evaluate distinctive teaching approaches to engage and support their entire class. But how do you actually teach and work with young people in an inclusive way?

This book is your ultimate guide with chapters on:

  • Your first day in a specialist provision
  • Teaching, Planning and Assessment
  • Working in partnership

As well as material on specific conditions which covers all areas of exceptionality.

This book gives you the knowledge and practical advice you really need to help you teach children from 0-25 with special educational needs and disabilities.

Sarah Martin-Denham
Chapter 1: Introduction
Jan Patterson and James Waller
Chapter 2: Who's Who in Specialist Provision?
Dawn Henderson and Sarah Martin-Denham
Chapter 3: Your First Day in Specialist Provision
Judith Donovan, Dawn Henderson, Pauline James and Sarah Martin-Denham
Chapter 4: Teaching and Learning
Judith Donovan, Dawn Henderson, Pauline James and Sarah Martin-Denham
Chapter 5: Planning for Learning
Judith Donovan, Dawn Henderson, Pauline James and Sarah Martin-Denham
Chapter 6: Assessing Learning
Denise Murray
Chapter 7: Working in Partnership with Families, Parents and Carers
Jayne Littlewood and Claire Sewell
Chapter 8: Autistic Spectrum Condition
Jan Patterson and Chris Roberts
Chapter 9: Speech, Language and Communication Needs
Helen Irving and Sarah Martin-Denham
Chapter 10: Specific Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia
Jan Patterson and Chris Roberts
Chapter 11: Severe, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties
Dr Karen Horridge, Sarah Martin-Denham and Denise Murray
Chapter 12: Other areas of Exceptionality
Bill Ashton
Chapter 13: Promoting Positive Behaviour
Judith Donovan and Pauline James
Chapter 14: How to Work Effectively with Support Staff and other Professionals
Steve Siddell
Chapter 15: Supporting Learning in a Pupil Referral Unit
Caroline Walker-Gleaves
Chapter 16: The Particular Needs of Looked after Children
Rebecca Dunn, Helen Lowes and David Nevins
Chapter 17: Reflections of Teaching Pupils with Special Educational Needs by Recently Qualified Teachers

This book is a very useful addition to my reading list. The module in question is called, children and young people with medical needs, which means that students need to know about inclusive practice and the new SEND code of practice and associated legislation. The book covers a wide range of the concepts which are introduced and explored during the course of the module and is very timely in respect of recent changes in relevant policy.

Pamela Dewis
Early Childhood, Sheffield Hallam Univ.
April 24, 2015

This is an excellent general guide to educating those with a variety of SEN. As an FE lecturer who works with students with PMLD, I found the article on using AFL for students with PMLD particularly interesting. A wide range of article covering a vast range of SEN, thoughtful and clearly based on practical experience. Easty to read and browse when time permits. My SEN specialist L3 TAs found this very helpful.

Mrs Samantha Piggot
Bristol Ctr for Care, Health & Educ St, City of Bristol College
April 22, 2015

A comprehensive text which is essential reading for practitioners working with children with additional needs.

September 1, 2015

An excellent resource for anyone considering working with children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities - full of practical, relevant suggestions and thought provoking case studies and containing up to date guidance on current legislation. I would particularly recommend this to students on a course with a work experience element as it raises issues they might not consider before commencing a SEN placement

Mrs Suzi Smale
Early Years, Petroc
April 8, 2015

great book, practical ideas supported by research

Mrs Georgina Spry
Education , Chester University
April 2, 2015

This will be listed as a core reading book for the second year undergraduate module. It provides an excellent overview of key areas; writing is very clear and easy to understand. The structure with key points to remember, reflective activities and case studies to relate theory to practical experience make this an invaluable tool for all trainees and qualified teachers.

Mrs Julie Mansfield
School of Edu. Theology and Leadership, St Mary's University, Twickenham
July 28, 2015

This has been an excellent addition to our course reading materials. Very comprehensive and up to date.

Mrs Tracy Jane Wallis
School of Education, Wolverhampton University
November 16, 2015