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Teaching Early Numeracy to Children with Developmental Disabilities

Teaching Early Numeracy to Children with Developmental Disabilities

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October 2020 | 176 pages | Corwin UK

This practical guide for teaching numeracy to children with a developmental disability is based on core concepts from the landmark Mathematics Recovery® text Teaching Number (aka ‘the green book’) that have been adapted for children with developmental disabilities.

It sets out key principles of teaching and learning underpinning an evidence-based teaching approach and provides clear guidance on how educators can plan and implement a structured teaching program so that every child can be given a positive experience in learning numeracy and achieve significant outcomes, maximizing their potential.

The book is supported by a comprehensive set of online resources for use in the classroom, including 90+ lesson plans carefully tailored to provide sequenced learning experiences for children and school students who may need them most...

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Mathematics Recovery
Chapter 3: Adapting Mathematics Recovery
Chapter 4: Motivating students with developmental disabilities to learn
Chapter 5: Discrete-trial teaching
Chapter 6: Using prompts in teaching
Chapter 7: Ensuring learning lasts
Chapter 8: Preparing to teach

This very useful book adapts the Maths Recovery Programme to suit the learning needs of students with a developmental disability. It provides an extensive and detailed approach to assessment, learning and teaching that embodies evidence-based best practice.

Charlotte Madine
Chair, Mathematics Recovery Council UK & Ireland

This much needed book is an essential read not only for educators but for educational leaders everywhere. The plea to maintain high aspirations when teaching numeracy to children with developmental disabilities resonates throughout each chapter as the authors skilfully challenge misconceptions and offer practical solutions. This book is a vital tool in maximising the numeracy potential of all children and I wish somebody had given this to me when I became a maths teacher more than 15 years ago.

Professor Adam Boddison
University of Wolverhampton, and Chief Executive of the National Association for Special Educational Needs