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The Apprentice’s Guide to End Point Assessment

The Apprentice’s Guide to End Point Assessment

October 2020 | 200 pages | Learning Matters
Are you preparing for Apprenticehip End Point Assessment? 

This book is an essential guide for apprentices and their trainers.  It supports you to prepare for the Gateway and get ready for your EPA.  It helps you to make sense of EPA and to understand the expectations of your assessors.  Examples of good practice are included to help you learn from other apprentices.  It details the different types of assessment used in EPA to help you prepare for, and be ready to succeed in, your EPA.
What is EPA?
How do I make sense of EPA?
Who does what?
What is expected of me?
Getting prepared for the Gateway
Types of End Point Assessment
EPA - Examples from successful apprentices
What happens if I fail my EPA?
What's next?

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