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The Care Act 2014

The Care Act 2014
Wellbeing in Practice

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October 2019 | Learning Matters
Providing key legislation information to all social work students, this essential guidebook takes a step-by-step approach through the Care Act 2014 by drawing on all the popular features of the the Transforming Social Work Practice Series to support student learning. Features include focusing on a single, unifying piece of legislation while implementing research and other evidence in social work practice
Colin Whittington
Suzy Braye & Michael Preston-Shoot
Chapter 1: Introduction: The Care Act 2014 – Outcomes in Context
Tim Spencer Lane
Chapter 2: Overview of the Care Act 2014
John Crossland
Chapter 3: Assessing need and providing care and support
Peter Beresford & Colin Slasberg
Chapter 4: The Care Act: the service user’s experience
Jill Manthorpe, Jo Moriarty, Nic Brimblecombe, Martin Knapp, Tom Snell & José Luis Fernandéz
Chapter 5: Carers and the Care Act: promise and potential
Imogen Taylor
Chapter 6: Caring: a personal perspective
Suzy Braye & Michael Preston-Shoot
Chapter 7: Adult safeguarding
Laura Pritchard-Jones
Chapter 8: The Mental Capacity Act and the Care Act: learning lessons for the future?
Simon Abbott
Chapter 9: Navigating practice at the interface between mental health and social care law
Mark Holloway
Chapter 10: Hidden in plain sight: Social work, acquired brain injury and missed opportunities for change
Forough Ramezankhah & Alison Brammer
Chapter 11: The interface between the Care Act and asylum law: exclusions and innovations
Cath Holmström
Chapter 12: Transitions to adult social care
Margaret Flynn & Vic Citarella
Chapter 13: Connecting people’s lives with strategic planning, commissioning and market shaping
Jill Manthorpe
Chapter 14: Social Work and the Care Act 2014

This book is purposeful in its ability to provide a range of information on this piece of important legislation - useful case studies bring out greater understanding of its application.

Mrs Toni Benaton
Britannia Mill Campus, Derby University
April 24, 2019

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