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The Coaching Manager

The Coaching Manager
Developing Top Talent in Business

Second Edition

328 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
A tested approach to developing top performers in business

Unlike coaching books that focus on performance problems, The Coaching Manager Second Edition presents a developmental coaching methodology that managers can use to guide employees to achieve higher levels of skill, experience greater engagement with organizations, and promote personal development. Clearly written, without jargon, specific coaching techniques are illustrated through short case studies and self-assessment exercises that help readers apply the principles in their own lives.

New and Hallmark features of the Second Edition

- New material and cases demonstrate how developmental coaching can be integrated with goal setting and selection to create an integrated talent management process that is appropriate at all levels of organizations.
- Based on the experience of practicing managers, the text draws on research, teaching, and consulting contacts with more than 4,000 leaders who employ coaching in various business disciplines.
- Real-world examples and mini-case illuminate key points—almost like giving readers a ”personal coach” throughout the book.
- Methods are presented for developing good employees and making them great, rather than spending time rehabilitating problem employees.
- A coacing model solidly grounded in adult learning theory helps readers reflect on their strengths and weaknesses.
Introduction: The Coaching Manager
An Overview of Developmental Coaching
Defining Success as a Coaching Manager
Creating a Coaching-Friendly Context
The Development of a Coaching Manager and the "Coaching Mind-set"
The "Coachable" Learner
Stopping the Action and Starting a Coaching Dialogue
The Coaching Mirror
Provinding Balanced and Helpful Feedback
What Does It All Mean? Collaboratively Interpreting Learning Needs
Goal Setting and Follow-Up: Making Change Happen
Coaching and Career Development
Developmental Coaching and Performance Problems
Using Coaching to Leverage the Investment in the Classroom
Epilogue: The Coaching Manager

“The Coaching Manager is a timely and valuable resource for leaders interested in fostering a culture of coaching in contemporary organizations. Evidence-based strategies and real-world exemplars are provided for cultivating talent today and inspiring success for the future.”

Patricia A. Hickey, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN,
Vice President, Cardiovascular and Critical Care Services Children’s Hospital Boston

"The second edition takes into account the new challenges and opportunities posed by an increasingly global workforce, new technology, and a persistent and rapid pace of change. The authors have, once again, provided an excellent handbook for any manager who wants to be an effective coach, and any individual who wants to leverage the potential of coaching in varied and commonly encountered situations at work."

Kathy E. Kram, PhD
Shipley Professor in Management Boston University

"A practical introductory text in developing coaching managers."

Carole Robin
Stanford University

For instructors

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