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The Consensus Building Handbook

The Consensus Building Handbook
A Comprehensive Guide to Reaching Agreement

September 1999 | 1 176 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This handbook on group decision-making for those wanting to operate in a consensus fashion stresses the advantages of informal, common sense approaches to working together. It describes how any group can put these approaches into practice, and relates numerous examples of situations in which such approaches have been applied.
Lawrence Susskind
An Alternative to Robert's Rules of Order for Groups, Organizations and Ad Hoc Assemblies that Want to Operate by Consensus
Susan Carpenter
Choosing Appropriate Consensus Building Techniques and Strategies
Lawrence Susskind and Jennifer Thomas-Larmer
Conducting a Conflict Assessment
David A Straus
Designing a Consensus Building Process using a Graphic Road Map
Chris Carlson
Michael Elliot
The Role of Facilitators, Mediators, and Other Consensus Building Practitioners
David Laws
Representation of Stakeholding Interests
David A Straus
Managing Meetings to Build Consensus
Sarah McKearnan and David Fairman
Producing Consensus
John R Ehrmann and Barbara L Stinson
Joint Fact-Finding and the Use of Technical Experts
Connie P Ozawa
Making the Best Use of Technology
James E Kunde
Dealing with the Press
John Forester
Dealing with Deep Value Differences
Dwight Golann and Eric E Van Loon
Legal Issues in Consensus Building
William R Potapchuk and Jarle Crocker
Implementing Consenus-Based Agreements
Carl M Moore, Gianni Longo and Patsy Palmer
Christopher W Moore and Peter Woodrow
Collaborative Problem Solving within Organizations
Judith E Innes
Evaluating Consensus Building
Michèle Ferenz
Introduction to the Cases and Commentaries
Peter Driessen
Activating a Policy Network
The Case of Mainport Schipol

Sarah McKearnan and Patrick Field
The Northern Oxford County Coalition
Four Maine Towns Tackle a Public Health Mystery

Susan L Podziba
The Chelsea Charter Consensus Process
Lawrence Susskind and Susan L Podziba
Affordable Housing Mediation
Building Consensus for Regional Agreements in the Hartford Area

Judith E Innes and Sarah Connick
San Francisco Estuary Project
Scott McCreary
Resolving Science-Intensive Public Policy Disputes
Reflections on the New York Bight Initiative

Edward Scher
Negotiating Superfund Cleanup at the Massachusetts Military Reservation
Michèle Ferenz and Colin Rule
An Experiment in On-Line Consensus Building

Jan Jung-Min Sunoo and Juliette A Falkner
Regulatory Negotiations
The Native American Experience

Norman Dale
Cross-Cultural Community-Based Planning
Negotiating the Future of the Haida Gwaii (British Columbia)

John Parr
The Chattanooga Process
A City's Vision is Realized

Catherine Connolly
From City Hall to the Streets
A Community Plan Meets the Real World

Melinda Smith
The Catron County Citizens' Group
A Case Study in Community Collaboration

Michael A Hughes with John Forester and Irene Weiser
Facilitating Statewide HIV/AIDS Policies and Priorities in Colorado
Michelle LeBaron and Nike Carstarphen
Finding Common Ground on Abortion
David Brubaker
Organizational Trauma Recovery
The "God's Fellowship Community Church" Reconciliation Process

Judy Mares-Dixon, Julie A McKay and Scott Peppett
Building Consensus for Change within a Major Corporation
The Case of Levi Strauss & Co


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