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The CQ Press Career Guide for Global Politics Students

The CQ Press Career Guide for Global Politics Students

First Edition

August 2018 | 72 pages | CQ Press

Turn your degree into a career!

The CQ Press Career Guide for Global Politics Students helps students navigate their first steps toward a career in global politics or international relations. With a focus on setting personal goals and maximizing transferable skills, author Peter Ubertaccio outlines diverse career-path options for global politics students and illuminates pathways to graduate school. Full of practical advice on how to secure a job—including a collection of employment resources, résumé-building tips, and student success stories—this guide provides an action-oriented road map for students to develop their undergraduate experience into a fulfilling career in global politics.  

Key Features:

  • A chapter on curriculum and co-curriculum offers advice on course selections that will point students toward realistic and suitable careers in the world of international politics. 
  • Tips for study abroad opportunities and language building skills encourage students to learn a new language and guide them through the process of postgraduate fellowships and service. 
  • Advice on internships, nonprofit advocacy, and graduate school options helps students determine their next steps and provides guidance on how these options might boost long-term career potential.
  • Alumni Profiles motivate readers with powerful stories of successful students who went on to careers in international politics.
  • A career checklist provides students with valuable insights on résumé building, social media strategies, and networking.  

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About the Author
CHAPTER 1. Introduction and Getting Started
Chapter Objectives

What Is Global Politics?


CHAPTER 2. Curriculum and Co-Curriculum
Chapter Objectives

What Is Your Curriculum?

What Is a Co-Curriculum?

What About Internships and Experiential Opportunities?


CHAPTER 3. Study Abroad and Global Travel
Chapter Objectives

What Is Study Abroad?

Postgraduate Fellowships and Service


CHAPTER 4. Language and Culture
Chapter Objectives

Why Study Another Language?


CHAPTER 5. Other Pursuits
Chapter Objectives

What Is Graduate School?

What Is Professional School?

Should You Go Right Into the Job Market?


CHAPTER 6. Concluding Thoughts
Let’s Review

What Else Can I Do to Make Myself Competitive?



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