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The Curriculum

The Curriculum
Theory and Practice

Sixth Edition
  • A V Kelly - Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK

January 2009 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'This book will be of interest to educational practitioners, and many other professionals concerned with the education and development of the young' - ESCalate

`A very well-respected book [and a] Curriculum classic...[which offers] balance to current official publications...One of its strengths is the coherent argument that runs throughout. It is very much a product of the wide knowledge and experience of the author.' - Jenny Houssart, Senior Lecturer, Department of Learning, Curriculum & Communication, Institute of Education, University of London, UK

Praise for previous editions:

`I use this book as an essential course text for a module on curriculum theory. It is an excellent text for the whole course'

`Vic Kelly's writing is always concise and informative, but also at times challenging'

`A most comprehensive text that takes the reader beyond content/balance issues values, beliefs and assumptions on the curriculum'

This is the sixth edition of a book that has been regularly revised and updated since it was first published in the mid-1970s. A V Kelly's now classic work focuses on the philosophical and political dimensions of curriculum, and especially on the implications for schools and societies of various forms of curriculum.

The book outlines what form a curriculum should take if it is concerned to promote a genuine form of education for a genuinely democratic society. Kelly summarises and explains the main aspects of curriculum theory, and shows how these can and should be translated into practice, in order to create an educational and democratic curriculum for all schools at all levels.

The book also seeks to show that the politicization of the school curriculum has led to the establishment of policies and practices which demonstrate a failure to understand these principles of curriculum theory and practice. As a result, policies and practices have been implemented which fall short of being adequate.

In view of the rapid pace of educational change imposed by various governments over the last 35 years, including New Labour, this book is more relevant than ever.

The Curriculum and the Study of the Curriculum
Knowledge and the Curriculum
Curriculum as Content and Product
Curriculum as Process and Development
Curriculum Development, Change and Control
Assessment, Evaluation, Appraisal and Accountability
The Politicization of the School Curriculum
What the Average Politician Knows about Education
The Flaws Endemic to Central Planning by Politicians
A Democratic and Educational Curriculum

Easily the most enjoyable read I've had concerning the area of curriculum theory.

Mr Oliver Johnstone
Public Services Department, Calderdale College
February 23, 2014

Very well set out book with dedicated chapters that are relevant to the course. It does not pontificate but is direct.

Mrs Marcia Dewar
Sch of Education & Prof Development, Huddersfield University
February 3, 2014

This book helps trainees to consider the philosophies that underpin and shape the curriculum. It helps them to move beyond a technical approach and consider their own role in curriculum.

Mrs Marion Hobbs
Education, Edge Hill University
May 17, 2013

A most valuable resource. Succinct and readable

Mrs Carol Dickie
Health Nursing and Midwifery, University of the West of Scotland
April 18, 2013

I ordered this book as my second year students need to produce a programme of activities and as a new teacher I thought it would be a useful book for both them and myself and that it was. It was a nice easy to read book and the students found it very helpful. It is a book that I will use for along time.

Miss Rebecca Easterby
Sport, travel, education & public services , Ystrad Mynach College
January 3, 2013

Excellent resource for the assignment on Curriculum Development for Cert Ed/PGCE trainees.

Mrs Shona Edwards
ITE, Wiltshire College
November 6, 2012

I used this as recommended reading for my first year Curriculum Design module this year and which is a compulsory module on our BSc Education programme. However, students did report that they found it rather ‘heavy going', particulary in comparison to some of the other reading they undertook for this module and hence perhaps this is not quite the right level of text for first year undergraduate students.

Dr Julie Price
School of Education, Southampton University
July 30, 2012

very comprehensive overview of curriculum devlopmnets and theory.Will bre used a recommended book on student reading list.Like the easily read style of the book

Mrs Adele Sewell
tEACHER TRAINING , Bishop Burton College
May 2, 2012

The book has a very difficult language for undergraduate students, that's why I do not recommend this book for my students who take the course "Curriculum Development".

Dr Gonul Kurt
Education, Yeditepe University
January 24, 2012

Clear and concise text, good overview of the curriculum essential read for students.

Mrs Iffa Settle
Health , York College
January 2, 2012

New to the 6th edition:

  • Updated pedagogical features including points for discussion and further reading
  • An incorporation of current users' feedback
  • Deals with the Blair era in its entirety
  • Internationalised further
  • Updated references

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