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The Essential Guide to Building Your Argument

The Essential Guide to Building Your Argument

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April 2023 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Struggling to know why arguments are important at university? Unsure about what an argument is, how they work, or how to produce one? Then you have come to the right place! Covering both written and verbal arguments, this practical guide will demystify academic conventions. It will show you what an argument is and how it works, providing you with a framework for producing great arguments of your own.

Student Success is a series of essential guides for students of all levels. From how to think critically and write great essays to boosting your employability and managing your wellbeing, the Student Success series helps you study smarter and get the best from your time at university. 
Chapter 1: Why Are You Here?
Chapter 2: Types Of Argument
Chapter 3: Theoretical Standpoints
Chapter 4: Reading For Argument
Chapter 5: Counterarguments
Chapter 6: Structuring Arguments
Chapter 7: Writing An Argument
Chapter 8: Arguing In Class
Chapter 9: Making The Argument Your Own


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Webinar: Build Good Arguments

Watch the recording of How to Understand and Produce Good Arguments at University with Dave Rush. In this practical webinar, hosted by JS Group, Dave uses real-world examples and provides tried-and-tested advice to help you develop your argumentation skills, whatever context you find yourself in.

A comprehensive and engaging book that equips readers with valuable tools for crafting persuasive arguments. With a clear and logical structure, the book covers fundamental concepts like logical fallacies, evidence gathering, and critical thinking. Real-life examples and exercises provide practical applications, while the author's expertise and authority instill confidence. This resource goes beyond theory, offering actionable strategies for effective argumentation. The emphasis on critical thinking and the inclusion of additional resources make it a must-read for anyone seeking to enhance their persuasive skills and excel in debates, negotiations, and various communication situations.

Ernesto Vargas Gil
Queen Mary, University of London

Adopted for the reading list for the academic literacies project supporting midwifery students throughout their programme to develop academic skills

Ms Jan Bowden
Florence Nightingale School of Nursing, King's College London
October 5, 2023

Constructing arguments taxes students greatly and this simple guide takes them through the tasks involved in a clear step-by-step way.

Professor Jonathan Parker
Society and Social Welfare, Bournemouth University
September 8, 2023

Essential for PG students

Mrs Beverley Griffiths
Education, Buckinghamshire College Group
July 2, 2024

Clear and easy to follow.

Mrs Sarah Kettle-Buchanan
Special Education, South Devon College
January 20, 2024

This adds to my generic reading list regarding the building of critical thinking skills, feeding into a range of modules as we progress from level 4 to level 6 qualifications.

Mr Mark Warner
Education, North East Surrey college of technology
May 24, 2023

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Chapter 5: Counterarguments

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