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The Focus Group Kit

The Focus Group Kit
Volumes 1-6

Six Volume Set

October 1997 | 692 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
You have just been asked to run a focus group, but you don't know where to start. How do you get the right mix of people together? How many people should be in your group? What kind of questions should you ask? How do you phrase them? What do you do with the information you've gathered? How do you put it all together in one cohesive report? These are but a few of the issues that are covered in the Focus Group Kit. The kit provides you with all you'll need to know to run a successful focus group, from the initial planning stages to asking questions, to moderating to the final analyzing and reporting of your research.
David L. Morgan
Volume 1. The Focus Group Guidebook
David L. Morgan
Volume 2. Planning Focus Groups
Richard A. Krueger
Volume 3. Developing Questions For Focus Groups
Richard A. Krueger
Volume 4. Moderating Focus Groups
Richard A. Krueger & Jean A. King
Volume 5. Involving Community Members in Focus Groups
Richard A. Krueger
Volume 6. Analyzing & Reporting Focus Group Results

"Dick Krueger and David L. Morgan have done the research community a great service in their writing of this kit. They have brought together the most recent thinking on focus groups and the best of present practices and applications. They are experienced in this area and know of which they write. From novice to skilled practitioner, everyone will benefit from working through six volumes. They make clear the ‘when, why, and how’ of focus groups." 

Ray C. Rist
The World Bank, Washington, DC

"The Focus Group Kit is a non pareil work. Its straightforward, common-sense approach is represented with such eloquent language. It is a real joy to read. It was refreshing to find more than I anticipated in its pages. Dick Krueger, et al. have a talent for capturing the essence of what we all need to do to conduct outstanding focus group research. For me this kit gave new meaning to the process." 

Gail Redd
Expert Moderator, Washington, DC

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