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The Idea of Police

The Idea of Police

Volume: 3
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Police Studies

March 1985 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Idea of Police is one of the core texts in its series. Written by a leading criminologist in a highly readable, fluid style, it is intended as an introductory text on police. Klockars defines the police in terms of their right to use coercive force. He then describes the comparative evolution of the British and US police forces, providing readers with the historical background to the current state of the police. The moral conflicts and issues of discretion that policemen must cope with are explored and, lastly, he looks at two questions: What makes a good police officer? And what type of organizational, political, and social environment encourages good policework?
The Idea of Police
Varieties of Avocational Policing
Shaping the Police Vocation: Patrol
Shaping the Police Vocation: The Detective
Selective Enforcement
Good Police and Good Policing

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