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The Indestructible Brand

The Indestructible Brand
Crisis Management in the Age of Social Media

First Edition

July 2017 | 172 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

Whether or not your brand is on social media, your consumers are. They are continuously sharing their good and bad experiences about your brand. Most brands are not prepared to deal with negative feedback which, if ignored, can spiral into a crisis. This book seeks to aid brand and business owners to structure organizations to be crisis- ready. Creating a crisis squad and a crisis playbook, envisioning various scenarios that can occur, and what the brand’s response should be are some of the areas the book delves into. It also recommends preventive measures that can save brands from social embarrassment, and social listening strategies that can alert organizations to a problem before it becomes a crisis. When everything else fails and a crisis is at hand, the focus shifts to executing the playbook, turning the conversation around leveraging evangelists and influencers. Once the crisis has ended, it’s time to audit the playbook and close the gaps, as well as evaluate financial or reputational damage done to the brand, and see how quickly one can recover.

Foreword by Sanjay Behl
The Age of Crisis
Creating a Crisis-ready Organization
Building a Crisis Playbook
Securing Your Digital Assets
Social Media Monitoring
After the Storm

“An old adage of public relations tells us that there are two rules of crisis communications: (1) communicate early; (2) communicate often. Venke Sharma and Hushidar Kharas’s book The Indestructible Brand shares keen insights and engaging case studies on the transformation of crisis communications in the ‘age of social’, and how social media monitoring and engagement can help you prevent, mitigate, and manage your brand in today’s complicated marketplace.”

Adam Brown,
Executive Strategist,, US

“Don’t be fooled by the title of this book; there is no such thing as an indestructible brand. Years, even decades, of great service to your constituencies may be undone by just one thoughtless tweet or a mere hour’s delay in responding to an untoward event involving your brand. Every brand is now on notice, since mass communication tools are freely available to its dissatisfied consumers, disgruntled employees, and the inevitable ambulance chasers. As a caring brand custodian, what you can do to pad up for this new world is craft an elaborate policy framework for social listening and response, equip the brand with the right team, train them well, and pray. Or you could buy many copies of this truly helpful book, and just follow the instructions. The authors have made crisis management feel as easy as putting together an Ikea stool. This book is really a practical, no-nonsense playbook for crisis management that no brand should go without. Seriously, get the book, and act on it.”

Karthi Marshan,
Senior Executive Vice President and Head–Marketing Kotak Mahindra Group, India

“In life, and in business, reputation is everything. That said, reputation is very fragile and it only takes one mistake to cause irreparable damage to your company’s image. Venke is a true digital leader with over 17 years’ experience in marketing and creating digital experiences for companies. He is an expert in leading a business into the always-on digital media and nurturing brand experiences through the use of strategic social media conversations. This book is a practical and useful resource for executives looking to develop company and brand transparency and deliver high customer involvement. Ignoring strong public digital voices isn’t an option anymore. Companies have to not only communicate effectively in the social media age but truly listen to the social chatter and respond in the way that align with both brand and customer expectations. The book looks at best practices for integrating social media into your crisis communications strategy, and focuses on how to leverage social media tools and develop companywide processes to manage and mitigate harmful events that could have long-term consequences for the health of companies and their brands.” 

Adam Good
Chief Digital Officer, Asia Pacific Dentsu Inc., Singapore

“This book is essential reading for any brand that has customers with access to the internet, that is, any brand on the planet. Being a ‘brand in the time of social’ is tough, and often you’re just one customer tweet away from a crisis. From your product to your brand ambassadors to rogue social media accounts, a lot can go wrong and has—as the many brands mentioned in this book will agree. Brands, big and small, need to be prepared and do a lot of scenario planning with a crisis playbook in place and be ready to execute. This book is a doer’s handbook loaded with sobering examples and practical how-to’s on building your brand’s unique crisis playbook and executing to it so you’re prepared for the worst—a key step toward building an indestructible brand in the time of social.”

Lakshmanan (Lux) Narayan
Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder, Unmetric, USA

“We live in a connected era where people are more informed, less loyal, and more demanding. We also live in the age of fake news and low-level divas often screaming for attention. Whilst the best offence is a good defense, prevention is often impossible. With The Indestructible Brand: Crisis Management in the Age of Social Media, Venke and Hushi offer practical advice on how companies should expect, react, and manage a social crisis. Do this today to safeguard your hard-earned shares, profits, and reputation.”

Suresh Ramaswamy
Digital Lead and Regional Director, South East Asia Grey Group, Singapore

“In this age of social media, even the smallest of issues can erupt into a crisis, and it often does. Especially in a country like ours, where the internet is all-pervasive, and netizens want to share everything they read. In this scenario, being crisis-ready is extremely crucial. This book is a brilliant and crisp hands-on guide on how to build a crisis-ready organization. The authors’ keen perception and in-depth research is visible in each and every page of the book, and will leave a lasting impact on not only those who head organizations but also on policy-makers. I hope it is also read by the general public, so they get a view of what it takes to control the damage caused by senseless sharing of unverified information.” 

Sanjay Tripathy
Senior Executive Vice President Head–Marketing, Analytics, Digital, and E-Commerce HDFC Life, India

‘“Age of social media’ has given a completely new meaning to ‘crisis management’—and there is a lack of well-researched content on this topic. I am delighted to see this come from Venke [and Hushi]—most timely and thoughtful. It will be most useful for all marketers.”

Rajesh Kumar Jindal
Vice President, Audience and Experiential Marketing Asia Pacific and Japan, SAP

“Winning on social is a must for all brands in our connected age. And success means listening with empathy, storytelling with personality, and interacting with respect. But it also means being prepared for the unforeseen and the unpredictable. This book thoroughly depicts the kinds of crises modern companies may face in our fast-moving culture and suggests practical ways to prepare for and handle such situations. This book is a must-read for marketing professionals, brand managers, and indeed all leaders who seek to crisis-proof their brands.”

Rishi Jaitly
Chief Executive Officer, Times Global, Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd, USA

"The Indestructible Brand is a no-nonsense, non-pretentious handbook written by a veteran for anyone who has anything to do with social media. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I found the detailed suggestions on developing and using the crisis playbook very sensible and useful.”

Mathukutty M Monippally,
Formerly Professor, IIM Ahmedabad

“Being a ’brand in the time of social media’ is tough, and you’re often just one customer tweet away from a crisis. The Indestructible Brand is essential reading for every brand on the planet.”

Lux Narayan,
CEO, Unmetric, US

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