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The Intercultural Communication Playbook

The Intercultural Communication Playbook

First Edition

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Intercultural Communication

December 2023 | 656 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Featuring a three-prong approach on culture, communication, and creative problem solving, The Intercultural Communication Playbook, with its unique, user-friendly layout and presentation, highlights how active, imaginative, and productive problem-solving methods can transform the way students understand intercultural communication. This framework from authors Teri Kwal Gamble, Michael W. Gamble, and Xiaowen Guan guides learners to understand their intercultural identity, broaden their worldview, and successfully improve their communication in real-world settings. Each chapter features exercises that encourage students to diversify their everyday thinking, individually examine their personal preferences, eliminate mental barriers, and discover innovative solutions to intercultural communication challenges.
Part One—Foundations
Chapter 1. Introducing Intercultural Communication
Chapter 2. Identity And Cultural Awareness
Part Two—Cultural Codes
Chapter 3. Verbal Communication and Culture
Chapter 4. Nonverbal Communication and Culture: Beyond Words
Part Three—Cultural Values and Patterns
Chapter 5. Understanding Cultural Variability: Patterns, Values and Behavior
Part Four—Intercultural Relationship Building
Chapter 6: Intercultural Relationships: Person to Person
Chapter 7: Race and Intergroup Relationships
Chapter 8: Gender, Sexuality, and Culture
Chapter 9. Navigating Intercultural Conflict
Chapter 10. Immigration, Empathy, And Communication: The Transitioning Connection
Part Five—Applied Dimensions of Intercultural Communication
Chapter 11. Professional Contexts: Intercultural Communication In Business, Education, And Health
Chapter 12. Media And Culture: The Pop-Culture Mix
Chapter 13. Future-Telling: Reimagining the Role of Intercultural Communicator


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"This book discusses different theories of intercultural communication and provides a deeper understanding of how these theories impact different aspects of our life. The focus is more on the present and future versus the past."

Gretchen Arthur
Lansing Community College

"One of the most up-to-date textbooks on intercultural communication. Intelligently written, it is also one of the very first in which I can see a genuine effort to present intercultural communication from a less US-centric perspective."

Clara L. Popa
Rowan University

"This is a timely book that references current events and asks students to think deeply about their own attitudes towards themselves and others to teach intercultural communication."

Priya Wadhera
Adelphi University

great layout, content and ancillaries

Dr Jennifer Hallett
Communication Studies, Young Harris College
March 20, 2024

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