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The Narrative Study of Lives

The Narrative Study of Lives

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May 1993 | 228 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
How do we derive concepts from stories and then use these concepts to understand people? What would have to be added to transform story material from the journalistic or literary to the academic and theoretically enriching? Addressing these and other issues such as the interface between life as lived and the social times, distinguished contributors explore this emerging new field in this unique volume.

Beginning with the philosophical framework that underlies the study of narrative, the book covers such questions as: what makes people want to preserve the stories of their past? What methods can be used to deconstruct a narrative text? Can what we learn from people's narratives of their past be used to account for their current psychological functioning? What happens if people lose their ability to narrate their story? Can people's narrative accounts tell us something about identity and its development?

Ruthellen Josselson
A Narrative Introduction
Guy A M Widdershoven
The Story of Life
Hermeneutic Perspectives on the Relation Between Narrative and Life History

Amos Funkenstein
The Incomprehensible Catastrophe
Memory and Narrative

Wendy J Wiener and George C Rosenwald
A Moment's Monument
The Psychology of Keeping a Diary

Gabriele Rosenthal
Reconstruction of Life Stories
Principles of Selection in Generating Stories for Narrative Biographical Interviews

Amia Lieblich
Looking at Change
Natasha, 21

New Immigrant From Russia to Israel

Jane Kroger
Identity and Context
How the Identity Statuses Choose Their Match

Terri Apter
Altered Views
Father's Closeness to Teenage Daughters

Mary M Gergen and Kenneth J Gergen
Narratives of the Gendered Body in Popular Autobiography

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