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The Pentagon and the Cities

The Pentagon and the Cities

November 1991 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume focuses on the profound impact of defence spending on those local and regional economies that have become dependent upon defence contracts. Contributors discuss the historic role of defence expenditure, patterns of regional change, restructuring the military-industrial complex, the impact and transformation of regional economies and the question of defence spending as urban policy.
Andrew Kirby
Andrew Kirby
The Pentagon
the Cities?
Nancy Ettlinger
Development Theory and the Military Industrial Firm
Peter Hall and Ann Markusen
The Pentagon and the Gunbelt
Richard Barff
Living by the Sword and Dying by the Sword
Defense Spending and New England's Economy in Retrospect and Prospect

Robert E Parker and Joe Feagin
Military Spending in Free Enterprise Cities
The Military-Industrial Complex in Houston and Las Vegas

Peter Armitage
Indigenous Homelands and the Security Requirements of Western Nation States
The Case of Innu Opposition to Military Flight Training in Eastern Quebec and Labrador

Gerald Jacob
The Legacy of the Pentagon
The Myth of the Peace Dividend

Marvin Waterstone and Andrew Kirby
Escaping the Conceptual Box
Ideological and Economic Conversion

Marvin Waterstone
The Pentagon, the Cites and Beyond


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