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The Politics of World Communication

The Politics of World Communication

November 1994 | 352 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Communication plays a central part in the increasing global interconnectedness of contemporary societies, nations and economies. In this book Cees J Hamelink examines the political processes and decisions which determine the global communication environment.

Mass communication, telecommunication, data traffic, intellectual property and communication technology have all been regulated by agreements within the international community. Examining negotiation processes and their outcomes, the author offers an analysis of the global politics of communication and its implications for specific nations, areas and communities. Underlying the analysis is a fundamental concern with communication as an issue of human rights which raises the question: Do the standards agreed on world communication address the interests of ordinary people in their everyday lives?

World Communication Politics
Origins and Evolution

World Politics
Practices, Processes and People

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
Mass Communication
Transborder Data Flow
Standardization of Consumer Electronics
Analysis of Prevailing Practices
Towards a People's Right To Communicate

`The most valuable feature of this book is its careful recounting of the historical processes which have fed into the current debate of global communication' - International Journal on World Peace

`The value of this book is in its detailed summary of a broad range of policy issues' - Canadian Journal of Communicaiton

`This book offers a comprehensive analysis of the global politics of communication and its implications for specific nations, areas and communities' - Transnational Data and Communications Report

`Cees J Hamelink... knowledgeably describes and examines world communication politics, world politics, telecommunication, protection of intellectual property rights, mass communication, culture, development, transborder data flow, standardisation of consumer electronics, analysis of prevailing practices and people's right to communication.... provides a treasure-trove of facts and data on political processes, political actors and decisions that determine the global communication environment' - The Journal of International Communication

`Hamelink brings decades of experience to the task.... The reader is carried through the book by Hamelink's devotion to the subject as well as his humane and generous spirit' - Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly

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