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The Post-Bureaucratic Organization

The Post-Bureaucratic Organization
New Perspectives on Organizational Change

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Organizational Theory

July 1994 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
What is wrong with bureaucracy? What does the post-bureaucratic organization offer in the way of improvement? These and other such questions are addressed in this volume which critically examines the implications of the transformation of organizations from bureaucratic to post-bureaucratic.

Beginning with a definition of the 'ideal' post-bureaucratic organization, the book then critiques some of the fundamental assumptions of bureaucratic organizations such as, the ethic of individual merit, decision-making roles and coordinated effort. It also analyzes the process of change from bureaucracy to post-bureaucracy and three alternative approaches to bureaucracy. The book concludes with case studies which illustrate both the strengths and weaknesses of post-bureaucratic organizations.

Charles Heckscher and Lynda M Applegate
Charles Heckscher
Defining the Post-Bureaucratic Type
Anne Donnellon and Maureen Scully
Teams, Performance, and Rewards
Will the Post-Bureaucratic Organization Be a Post-Meritocratic Organization?

Benn R Konsynski and John J Sviokla
Cognitive Reapportionment
Rethinking the Location of Judgment in Managerial Decision Making

Nitin Nohria and James Berkley
The Virtual Organization
Bureaucracy, Technology, and the Implosion of Control

Charles Heckscher, Russell A Eisenstat, and Thomas J Rice
Transformational Processes
Janice A Klein
The Paradox of Quality Management
Commitment, Ownership, and Control

Frederick M Gordon
Can We Do Better? We Can Do Worse

David Krackhardt
Constraints on the Interactive Organization as an Ideal Type
Nitin Nohria and James D Berkley
Allen-Bradley's ICCG Case Study
A Commentary

Charles Heckscher
Lakeville Chemical Plant

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