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The Right to Development

The Right to Development
A Primer

First Edition

April 2004 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
The Right to Development (RTD), a concept that emerged in the 1970s, is one of the most debated and contentious issues in international relations. RTD builds on the rights based approach to development, seeking to integrate the norms and principles of human rights with policies and plans to promote development. Despite its importance for the world's poor and dispossessed, a great deal of definitional confusion still surrounds the concept.

This primer introduces the concept of RTD as well as discusses its practical application in the Indian setting. It is divided accordingly into two sections, the first of which traces the origins and the evolution of the idea of RTD. This section identifies the defining parameters and content of RTD and focuses especially on the three rights—the rights to food, education and health—that have been identified as a 'good starting point' for the implementation of RTD. The last chapter in this section underscores the importance of women's rights in order to emphasise the need to focus on safeguarding and promoting the human rights of vulnerable groups.

Part II covers substantially the Indian situation relating to RTD. The first chapter in this section provides an overview of the legal and institutional mechanism in India for the protection of human rights in general and women's rights in particular. The next chapter examines the implementation of the rights to food, health and education. The last chapter in this section details the functioning of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) —which has emerged in recent years as an important mechanism for securing social justice—and the challenges and limitations of this mechanism.

Stephen P Marks
Introduction: The Right to Development in Context
I. AN OVERVIEW: Introducing the Right to Development: Introduction
Evolution of the Right to Development
Content of the Right to Development
Realising the Right to Development
RTD and Other Development Frameworks and Initiatives
Value Addition of the RTD Concept
The Rights to Food, Education and Health: Introduction
Defining the Rights to Food, Education and Health
Content of the Rights to Food, Education and Health
Obligations of the State
Interdependence of Rights
International Framework for the Protection of Women's Rights: Introduction
International Legal Instruments Dealing with Women's Rights
International Conferences on Women's Issues
Institutional Mechanism at the International Level to Deal with Women's Rights Issues
II. HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE INDIAN CONTEXT: Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in India: Introduction
India's International Commitments on Human Rights Protection
Framework for Human Rights Protection in India
Women's Rights in India
The Rights to Food, Education and Health in the Indian Context: Introduction
Right to Food
Right to Education
Right to Health
Public Interest Litigation: A Tool for Social Justice: Introduction
Human Rights in the Indian Constitution
Public Interest Litigation

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