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The SAGE Handbook of Applied Memory

The SAGE Handbook of Applied Memory

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December 2013 | 752 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
A fabulous collection of essays on memory in the real world. The leading scholars have been assembled to produce a volume that is intellectually rich, up-to-date, and truly important.
- Elizabeth F. Loftus
, Distinguished Professor, University of California, Irvine

"An invaluable resource for anyone wishing to access the current state of knowledge of, or contemplating research into, the growing area of applied memory research."
- Graham Davies
, Editor, Applied Cognitive Psychology

The SAGE Handbook of Applied Memory
is the first of its kind to focus specifically on this vibrant and progressive field. It offers a broad and comprehensive coverage of recent theoretical and empirical research advances in the psychology of memory as they apply to a range of applied issues, and offers advanced students and researchers the opportunity to survey the literature in the psychology of memory across a range of applied domains.

Arranged into four sections: Everyday Memory; Social and Individual Differences in Memory; Subjective Experience of Memory; and Eyewitness Memory, this handbook provides a comprehensive summary and evaluation of scientific memory research as well as theory in a broad range of applied topics including those in cognitive, forensic and experimental psychology.

Brought together by world-leading scholars from across the globe, The SAGE Handbook of Applied Memory will be of great interest to all advanced students and academics with an interest in all aspects of applied memory.
PART ONE: Everyday Memory
Bennett L. Schwartz
Memory for people: integration of face, voice, name, and biographical information.
Neil W. Mulligan
Memory for Pictures and Actions
Gilles O. Einstein & Mark A. McDaniel
Prospective Memory and Aging: When It Becomes Difficult and What You Can Do About It.
D. Stephen Lindsay
Memory Source Monitoring Applied
Douglas H. Wedell & Adam T. Hutcheson
Spatial Memory: From Theory to Application
Jackie Andrade
Working memory beyond the laboratory
Eryn J. Newman & Maryanne Garry
False Memory
Colleen M. Kelley
Klaus Fiedler and Mandy Hutter
Memory and Emotion
Steven M. Smith
Effects of Environmental Context on Human Memory
Kathleen B. McDermott, Kathleen M. Arnold, & Steven M. Nelson
The Testing Effect
Eli Vakil
Breakdowns in everyday memory functioning following moderate-to-severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
PART TWO: Social and individual differences in memory
Robyn Fivush & Theodore E. A. Waters
Sociocultural and functional approaches to autobiographical memory
Michael Ross & Emily Schryer
What Everyone Knows About Aging and Remembering Ain't Necessarily So
Stanley B. Klein & Christopher R. Nelson
The Effects of Self-Reference on Memory: A Conceptual and Methodological Review of Inferences Warranted by the Self-Reference Effect
William Hirst, Alin Coman & Dora Coman
Putting the Social Back Into Human Memory
Natalie A. Wyer
When I think of you: Memory for persons and groups
Geoffrey Haddock
Memory, attitudes, and persuasion
Shanker Krishnan & Lura Forcum
Consumer memory dynamics: Effects of branding and advertising on formation, stability and use of consumer memory
Sean M. Lane and Tanya Karam-Zanders
What Do Lay People Believe about Memory?
Robert F. Belli
Autobiographical Memory Dynamics in Survey Research
Colin M. MacLeod, Tanya R. Jonker, and Greta James
Individual differences in remembering
K. Anders Ericsson and Jerad H. Moxley
Experts’ Superior Memory: From Accumulation of Chunks to Building Memory Skills that Mediate Improved Performance and Learning
PART THREE: Subjective experience of memory
Christopher Hertzog and Ann Pearman
Memory Complaints in Adulthood and Old Age
John Dunlosky and Sarah K. Tauber
Understanding People’s Metacognitive Judgments: An Isomechanism Framework and Its Implications for Applied and Theoretical Research
Janet Metcalfe
Metacognitive Control of Study
Morris Goldsmith, Ainat Pansky and Asher Koriat
Metacognitive Control of Memory Reporting
Dorthe Berntsen & Lynn A.Watson
Involuntary autobiographical memories in daily life and in clinical disorders
Chris J.A. Moulin & Celine Souchay
Epistemic Feelings and Memory
PART FOUR: Eyewitness memory
Pär Anders Granhag, Karl Ask & Erik Mac Giolla
Eyewitness Recall: An Overview of Estimator-Based Research
Ronald P. Fisher, Nadja Schreiber Compo, Jillian Rivard, & Dana Hirn
Interviewing Witnesses
Tim Valentine
Estimating the Reliability of Eyewitness Identification
Scott D. Gronlund and Curt A. Carlson
System-based Research on Eyewitness Identification
Amy Bradfield Douglass & Lorena Bustamante
Social Influences on Eyewitness Memory
Gabrielle Principe, Andrea Follmer Greenhoot & Stephen J. Ceci
Young children’s eyewitness memory.
James C. Bartlett
The Older Eyewitness
Aldert Vrij
Eliciting Verbal and Nonverbal Cues to Deceit by Outsmarting the Liars

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